ZGMF-X13A Providence Gundam HG 1/144

-The box of this model kit is slightly larger than the boxes of my other HG kits from Gundam SEED. Probably it’s the funnels/DRAGOONs on it’s back and everything.
-The beam laser tends to falls off the shield often, so I glued it, same goes for the V-fin on its head
-It was slightly hard to insert the legs into its hips, sadly they both broke, so instead of gluing them together, I bored a hole through the limbs, and fitted some flexible wire through it. It’s held in place, it can stand up, but it can’t pose much unless there’s a stand.
-Since it’s a bit tedious to keep removing and reinserting the gun, I just removed the hand-guard to I can freely slip it in and out.
-The wired-together Providence Gundam is not pictured here, it broke as soon as the photo-op finished. Poor thing.

*Insert Raww le Kleuze’s anti-Natural speech, and random ranting whilst fighting Kira Yamato.

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