For the King!!! – Nisekoi Chapter 127: King


RECAP: During a scheduled date between Raku and Chitoge, Yui-nee sends Raku away to buy coffee in a faraway shop. Yui-nee took this time to confirm her thoughts about the “couple” and declare herself as a rival to her for Raku’s love. In a somehow unexpected flow of events, Ruri and Kosaki overheard the declaration, and this leaves an epically stunned Chitoge and an unfazed Kosaki vowing to get her Ichijou-kun to “notice her more”.

I expected reactions from Marika and Tsugumi about the matter…

I got a sub-plot…

Oh, a sub-plot.

Well, it was foreshadowed by the lackeys in the early parts of the previous chapter, anyway, so why didn’t I expect this?? I blame me and looking into the reactions of the characters I mentioned that I forgot to think of how that could connect to the next chapter.  Oh well. At least the sub-plot has basis and foreshadowing. Nice call.

So, when Shuu called Raku up,  I wasn’t expecting anything nasty. After all, how can a guy asking his best friend to go with him to some place to shop lead to anything wrong? (I think I kinda worded that wrong. Not editing, though.)

But that evil face changes all… The inner troll of Shuu… What makes him equal to Ruri in terms of supporting character OP-ness… I ship them, BTW. ShuuxRuri FTW!

*ring* *ring* *ring* *ring*

Group messaging at its finest…

And that’s how you get four girls to suddenly disturb you when you’re studying really hard because you’ve gotten the peace and quiet to do so… And that’s why Shuu is the MVP of this chapter~ hahahahaha

But ever so bold Yui-nee doesn’t even care about what she’s saying…

A boy and a girl, alone. I have passed that age where all I can think about that situation is that they’ll be playing video games or card games all night long until someone passes out falls asleep or something. That phrase aforementioned… I can never look and think about it the same way again. Good job, real. You played Corruption, but I haven’t died on your next turn. (oh, vague references…)

Alone, eh? Makes your heart and other places race, eh? hahahahah

NOT! In a harem anime, a bold heroine will, most of the time, never, find herself alone with her love interest for either or both of thetwo reasons:

1. MC Density >= Ichika Orimura

2. Supporting Character being too OP and killing your mood.

Yui-nee sees through all excuses… You can’t simply just be “passing by” when you look so freaking exhausted. XD

Like this girl who got left behind because she is too sickly. Rather, too unhealthy.

Epic, though. Priceless face from Marika. hahahahahahaha

“As long as there is light in Marika Tachibana’s eyes, I will not let you do as you please, Yui-neesan.”

Marika fighting!! hahahaha This reminds me of what ruo told me. It seems as if the character of Yui has a purpose of letting Marika shine more. As in, when Marika struggles, that’s her best side. I think I can conclude up to that.

But, that Shuu… MVP of the chapter, may I repeat. That panel showing his troll side is just epic! Someone make a GIF of that! Create another panel showing his hands’ afterimage and loop! Now!!! It’s so epic!!! XD XD

Raku even asked how the Hell he got 5 girls to come rushing to his house, but an OP support doesn’t reveal his tricks, even if it’s too obvious.

Well, screw studying and let’s enjoy the visitors’ company, shall we? Ain’t it good manners that way? hahahaha

And a good way to accommodate visitors is by giving them something to either/both eat and/or drink. So, the hosts shall prepare food for lunch!

But wait. Why don’t the other girls want that…?

In a harem, it is always bad, in the heroines’ perspective, to let the guy alone with another heroine. So bad, it needs to be prevented BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY, even if it is illogical by normal standards. I don’t need to watch all harem anime or read all harem manga to get this. XD

Aaaaand, prevention.

Remember the yandere-ish phrase, “If I can’t have you, then no one can!”? That’s pretty much the premise of possessive standards. So, of course it’s better off if someone does something alone. No help. independence. No pairing. That’s to avoid so much conflict. XD

And the question of the day:

Heavenly cooking?

Or devilish cooking?

And the answer?

Limited heavenly cooking. Still knows how to cook, though, so there. XD

As a gamer, after lunch, unless I’m busy, it should be games, games, games. No matter the games. No matter the players. And especially since you have visitors, games are a perfect way to bond with them. XD

More MVP points for Shuu on this one. XD

The King Game…? Sounds familiar… Those chopsticks look familiar, too… As with other games I don’t understand, just one playthrough and I’ll know how it should be played.

Ah, Chitoge and Tsugumi don’t know it as well. hahahahah

Wait, commands??

Oh, now I remember! It’s that game! A king gets picked and he/she commands people to do something. I only saw this in the Baka to Test specials. XD

And first up, Chitoge!

A natural mistake for a newbie at this game.

Because in these types of games, RNG is non-existent. The main character gets picked when you least expect it, and doesn’t when you expect it the most. Even if you did expect it, your command would be of menial value.

Please check Fail #2 for reference.

And a business quote… “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” If you don’t YOLO, you never know. If you don’t try to live on the edge, your life will never experience thrill. Well, simplicity defines you, Kosaki. Still proud you kept that, at least for now. Oh, well…

Sorry, Kosaki, if it’s too depressing… That’s what you get. Kinda.


Who says you can’t cheat in these types of games?

Marika has some tricks up her sleeveless sleeves. Just a peek will do.



You know what? In this situation, it’s obvious it will fail. I mean look at it! Sure, it looks like a 1, but since when did a 1 slant like *this* “/”? It was too obvious that it was a 7! But Marika was too mindset about her upcoming victory versus everyone in the harem that she burst out in epic fashion, only to be shamed in the end.


Oooooh... Snap!

Who would have guessed that the real #1 would be Tsugumi? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

Best part of the chapter, please! XD

Yep, here’s the 7 I was talking about.

I want to see this!!! Badly! But, it seems Tsugumi doesn’t want any part of it. Props for Chitoge for reminding her servant that “rules are rules”. It’s a code everybody should live by.

Oh, look!!!!!

You never see her like that! The Black Tiger, strong and fearless against any enemy standing in her way…

But when it comes to dares, she comes crying to Ojou~~


AHAHAHHAHAHA Too epic… It’s too epic…

Well, no kiss. Tch. Exemption…

Well, next??

Evil Smile~

Oooooooohhh… Interesting way to end the chapter. A cliffhanger, as expected.

Leaves me thinking about the command Yui-nee could possibly make. I just wonder if the king can command more than 2 people, himself included. If so, GG.

I can’t say anything specific about what Yui-nee could possibly command. If I had to guess, she’d have a random number confess his/her feelings to another random number. If it hits someone in the harem and the second number hits Raku, GG. If it hits Raku and the second number hits anyone in the harem, still GG. Yui-nee shouldn’t care much if that happens because she knows that most likely, Raku would be too shy to say anything on the subject matter. ONLY FLAWS: If any number hits Raku and Shuu/Ruri.  Very normal stuff. If both numbers hits two heroines. More normal stuff…

So, since I forgot to rate the previous chapter, i’ll rate that a 9/10. Wait. Did I really forget to do so? LOL I’ll just check and edit this out if not.

This gets a 9/10 as well. Thank God for Shuu and OP support. ahahahaha

Well, ’til next time~ That next time will be in a short time. XD

As always, many thanks to RHS~

This look rushed to you? hahahaha

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