Originally started as a school project, the N.O.H.K or the Nihon Otaku Hikikomori Kyoukai, is an otaku organization and doujin circle with goals of establishing itself as a productions company in the near future. Until the group can find a stable source income, the N.O.H.K, and its sub-group, N-Pro, will be operating in this blog – dumping updates on our on-going projects such as the fanfics and games, as well as random day-to-day otaku shenanigans.


ruo1ruo ani: I’m ruo, the self-acclaimed king of loli mecha-musume and just about anything with metal works and cute girls. I came across the wonderful culture of Japanese manga and anime half a decade ago when a friend of mine suggested that I watch the anime “Green Green”. It was horrible. Despite how much of a debacle the anime was, it did well to revive my interest in the sub-culture arts that was left growing back in my childhood, making it very memorable. Now, I’m focusing on self-improvement, hopefully, allowing me to inspire a lad or two. Rather noble? Yeah, sure, but it doesn’t mean I’m not doing this for myself, because after all, I am the group’s hard-hitting editor, amateur photographer, figure collector, and ranter. A devout student of the Humikane-style remix of the mecha-musume arts, also an avid follower of a certain snake goddess~~~~

Oh btw, “ruo” can not and must not be capitalized. Violate this, and I’ll send a loli to hug you. You don’t want that.

Proud anime fan at heart! I started the journey around Grade 5 when a friend started talking about K-ON! and Hayate no Gotoku! on Animax and I got curious. Though, I’ve watched other series prior to those like Detective Conan, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Captain Tsubasa, I’ve taken being an anime fan seriously not until 3rd Year High School. Type A who’s more into school-life and slice-of-life.

I am a HARDCORE TWGOK Fan! I have to really gratefully thank ruo for showing this awesome series to me! I got into it due to its storyline. It was that unique to me that it stuck in my heart. As a gamer and anime fan combined, who wouldn’t get absorbed in this series? Sad to see it end, and with Manglobe dead, I can only hope for someone as hardcore as I am to pick it up and fund the making of the parts that matter.

I’m also a Love Liver, albeit a more casual one when compared to most people, especially compared with Alkaeid. XD It’s also sad for me to only pick it up on the original’s last two years, but I guess Sunshine’s filling that void. Somewhat. Nya.

requiem2 Requiem: So yeah, been a while since I last blogged. For the people who visited OtaSensei quite some time before, I am Meister97. I just changed my name to be in sync with my main handle name.

Before, I only watch anime, read manga and minimal VNs but recently I started taking VN reading more seriously. Though the number of VNs completed is still quite small in my standards, at least the hours spent on VNs a week is more than the hours spent a month a few years ago.

If you will ask me how I became an otaku, the answer is simple, it’s because of my dad. When I was young he would watch some anime in our TV and with nothing to do, I would watch with him. Eventually I would start watching independently and here I am now.

renegadeRenegade822: Hello there guys! I guess I can say this is my first time being a blogger. I was introduced and invited to write in this blog by my fellow NOHK members. I was intrigued by the idea of getting to share our ideas and interests as an otaku so I said “Why not? Where should I start?”

Those words should sum it up since if I remember correctly I said something more than that. Moving on, I can see no harm in doing so and I believe I can see promising results in this blog.

If you should ask me when I first became an otaku, I can say that it started and gradually developed when I was still a child under the age of six. I was an introvert at the time and I spend most of my time studying for school. I was also not allowed to play computer games during school days unless sembreak, christmas break, or summer vacation started. This act was put to effect by my parents but I’m not mad at them in doing such a thing. the result is that I was completely focused on my studies. Watching anime on television was like the only source of leisure for me. After hitting the books I just turn on the television, watch the anime being aired, and then sleep. This has become a routine almost everyday. As years went by, I got a decent internet wi-fi  thus an even wider community was revealed to me.  (.e.g. manga, new anime, etc.)

Sadly, I stopped at a certain period to focus on school since my parents noticed I was neglecting my studies. Luckily, I was reeled in to the otaku world again when I heard of the NOHK. I joined and I met  awesome people.  I am truly grateful to them for making the world of being an otaku as a part of my life again.  But of course I won’t neglect my education since I don’t want to make the same mistake again.

That would be all and I hope  that I can I share and listen  to all of you. I am very open to new topics of interest (as long as it is otaku related) and I humbly welcome you all to the ‘nohk’ blog.

 Game otaku all the way, with some anime on the side, of course.  Main fandom/roots being the Touhou Project (although I suck at the shooting games), Gust Corporation games, and Vocaloid.  No schedule when it comes to hobbies, but I like to get things done either way.

Genre-wise:  no specifics.  For anything.  I’ll play/watch anything that doesn’t have a bad main character, and will listen to anything unless there’s a special reason not to.  Special mention to JRPGs and beat/rhythm games though.

Even though I’ve watched anime a long time ago, I’ve only really started being an otaku a little over 4 years ago because of a game called osu!.  The music really opened me to the world of anime, since I’ve known the ops/eds even before the show itself, and the reason I’ve watched a lot of anime was for the songs.

405719_333269613385147_1766607957_nGMZ839 (a.k.a OtaCom): 
OtaCom is a messed up portmanteau of the military term TACCOM (Tactical Command). Collecting various figures both from anime and Western videogames, watching a mix of seinen and shounen anime, and building model kits are my prime hobbies.

I also have a penchant for writing stories, with a 6 year old manuscript still in the works. I love to talk about tanks, the great old anime, and ideas for tabletop wargames. I primarily play Love Live SIF, both EN and JP versions, Horus Heresy Drop Assault, World of Tanks Blitz, and Weiß Schwarz with what little time I have from college work.

13941065_10154514526939260_1935857951_nHime-senpai:‘Sup everyone~ Here’s Hime-senpai, your newest blog member reporting for duty. If that’s too long for you, you can just call me Hime or HS or something, all up to you.

Well, I have been irl friends with most of the people in NOHK for quite some time already, thanks to our shared love of trading cards, anime, and manga. In fact, it’s two people from this blog that taught me how to play the Weiss Schwarz card game some one or two years ago.

As for my history with animanga… I didn’t really get too into it until 5 or so years ago. That is when my eyes opened to the ways of the internet. A lot of knowledge regarding how these cartoons are getting released, stuff about their schedules and sales, info regarding merchandise, the know-hows of obtaining the freshest episodes and chapters in Japan, you name it. All of that, opened up to me in a span of a week or so and it was overwhelming. Trust me, the animanga experience is never fully complete until you step into the wide world of the internet and the various community groups such as blogs and forums.

Now, I’m mostly an light novel fag who has a soft spot for tsundere/kuudere female leads in battle harem LNs.


Kiseki Arisa: Hi hi~! Arisa here~! I’ve been watching anime around 2010, and I didn’t even know NOHK back then because I’ve just joined them a year ago. I’m DEEPLY attached with Romance and Slice of Life genres, whatever form it may be.

Apparently, I’m a kouhai. And yes, that’s true. I joined because why not? Just kidding, they still hold debts. I’m hoping for a more productive year for the blog! (Since they have been neglecting their blog duties a few months back…)

If any of you folks want to enter in a link exchange with us, we’ll be more than glad to. Just comment below this page and leave details about your blog. Hope to work with some of you. o/

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      • A bit late to the party but I have to agree that TWGOK is the best. I just watched the Sentai network anime version and it always makes me sad because it doesn’t have that conclusion to Keima and Chihiro.

    • Yes, we pretty much all know each other in real life too. I’ve only been in this blog for a while, but writing here is really fun, especially since we’re all friends with each other to different degrees.

      Are you from the Philippines too?

      • Yep! Same, same. I just started a blog months ago and was curious as to how many Filipino ani-bloggers there are — that’s how I got here lol

    • Checked out your blog, and you seem to be watching some seasonal stuff too. I guess I could drop by at times since the only shows I’m watching this season are Alderamin, Twin Star Exorcist, and Qualidea Code, alongside an occasional dose of LL Sunshine.

      As for NOHK, hope we can get things sorted out soon. As of now, the blog posts and articles are pretty random and all over the place, since you have P3rcy here doing mostly video game stuff and Weiss Schwarz along with ruo, while I do my stuff with Cardfight Vanguard and some manga and event write-ups.

      Personally, I wanted to do weekly anime reviews like what you are doing tbh, I’m not too sure where to start though :))

      • Yipes. I’m only watching LL out of the shows you mentioned. As far as episodic blogging goes, it’s… kinda difficutl given that it’s not really advisable to narrate the episode in the post (the readers will basically watch the episode anyway), and that the weekly posts shouldn’t sound repetitive/redundant — just talk about what you found good and anything worth letting your readers know. Nevertheless, it’s fun! ^_^

      • Haha, that’s to be expected. I doubt most people would immediately go for the LN adaptations and genres that I personally prefer anyway.

        I think I wanted to check out Tales myself being someone who plays JRPGs and enjoys those kinds of settings.

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