A Saturday Surprise: Kami Nomi Character CD.0 — Elsie starring Kanae Ito


And so, I thought this week would be a freaking hell week. No, not New Hell kind of hell week, but that kind of school week where almost every subject has you passing all kinds of projects at unreasonable deadlines. Due to this, I’ve lost my will to do anything anime-related for the whole week…TT_TT

The last anime title I’ve watched was Mikakunin de Shikoukei up to its second episode. And the last time I watched that was during a camping trip around 3 weeks ago… :O It looks like an interesting series, both due to the storyline and the characters. Benio looking like a certain someone cross-dressing once you add her glasses… Not kidding. And the OP is kinda reminiscent of Yuru Yuri’s first OP, maybe up to the introduction tune.

Though, of course, as a devoted TWGOK fan, no matter what kind of week this was, I passionately waited for Chapter 262. Out of a new-formed habit, I sleep at 10 pm and wake up 3 am to do what needs to be done for school. Just a while ago, I did the same, knowing we would have Saturday classes. From 3 to 4, I just read TVTropes on Kami Nomi, and, wow, did I learn a lot… Then around 4:30, a new chapter arrived. Just wow at that chapter~ I wanted to do a review on that, but I guess I can leave it some other time, when things get more hectic. XD

As I arrived in school and met with the NOHK in the morning, ruo greeted me and asked, “Did you get your package from Ren yet?”

Ren is a Japanese exchange student put in my class thanks to ruo, who went to Japan beforehand as an exchange student himself. Talk about giving back. XD

I was shocked. I didn’t ask for any package. I was already happy with the last package he sent me, which is the Kami Nomi Official Guidebook. What other merchandise could I have gotten…?

CD Orig Cover

CD Back

Oh! Mai GOD!! (I don’t take too good photos, as you can see… XD)

I really didn’t expect to get anything… While Migs has his OreImo mag and four volumes of the manga of Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko, I was ecstatic to receive this character CD of my most favorite character in TWGOK. Elsie FTW!!!!!!! I really did not believe it. This 2-Song 2-Instrumental Character CD was the first I’ve gotten ever, straight from Japan!!! I was about to open it fully with the help of seiru (or rather, he was the one who almost convinced me to open it wholly), but ruo and Alkaeid said otherwise, lingering on that feeling, alone in your room, opening a merchandise you just bought (in my case, received), then that moment of bliss from checking the contents, and wow, did those feelings materialize or what? XD

CD Open

CD Back

I haven’t had an album before, be it the album of my favorite rock bands like Linkin Park and Coldplay (I don’t have an official one of Viva la Vida and Death and All His Friends & X&Y), so under these circumstances, I was pretty excited!! I know about albums having lyrics contained somewhere in the CD, and I was right! A mini-booklet of the lyrics for the two songs: Oh! Mai GOD!! and Koi no Shirushi. Of course I understood nothing because I’m still reaching the point where I’ll be able to utter/write a Japanese sentence without doubts, so I had to resort to context clues to figure out the meaning of the first song. For the record, I’ve almost memorized Koi no Shirushi. I mean, it’s the ED of S1 of TWGOK, so how do I not know about it? XD

Now playing...

Pic’s a bonus for the guys at the NOHK. Only Renegade has seen the new computer my parents bought in its entirety. It’s not mine. It’s shared among the four of us in the family.

So, I listened to Oh! Mai GOD!! for the first time. I didn’t listen to the character songs posted on YouTube. I didn’t pay much attention to them. And it’s a good thing I didn’t, especially this song! For critics, I can say it’s not too special, but for someone like me who appreciates something I received, I enjoyed the entirety of the song. That sound that the hagoromo makes during descents, the random trumpet accent in the coda, Kanae Itou’s voice, of course, and the lyrics. It was very epic~

Based on inferring, I can say that the lyrics dwell on Elsie convincing her Kami-niisama to continue the fight conquests, and that no matter how much it is a burden to him or how difficult it seems, she has trust in him that he’ll be able to deliver using his godly skills in galge. I don’t care how far I am with the lyric interpretation. Close enough~ XD What matters for me is that I’m enjoying this four-song CD!

One could ask for 16-song CDs, but I’m content with this for now! It’s a great gift, after all! XD Though, next time, I plan to collect every TWGOK merchandise on my own up to the extent that I can! I’ve even started on the collection thanks to a seller during a convention. See Ayumi below! AHAHAHAHA

could do plugging now, but I’d rather do so once I make another purchase, and maybe if either the store allows and if the NOHK allows me… XD And I guess it won’t be long~~

I’d like to thank my new Japanese classmate Ren for giving me such amazing gifts!! XD >:>

CD+Figure CD+Guidebook Current3Merchs

Thanks for the time! P3r50n5_UnKnWn out. Piissu!~

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