I Like Ecchi… – To Love-ru Darkness Chapter 40: Release of Darkness ~Release~



It’s been another month again! No, I don’t mean my last blog post. It’s been another month, so that means there’d be a monthly manga update. Besides Sora no Otoshimono which just finished 2 weeks ago, I’m following a manga series known for, well, a trouble with love that just went from complicated to super complicated. Yep.  After finishing the To Love-ru manga, I headed right on to the next installment of the series, which is To Love-ru Darkness.

Chapter 40: Release of Darkness ~Release~

Previous Chapter Recap: After a “sisterly” talk between Mea and Yami, something seemingly from the inside of Yami is attacking her suggestively. The suggestiveness, I’m not surprised anymore. Nemesis then mentions that “Darkness” has been activated! Something also happens to Mea thanks to Nemesis.

At first, for me, it looked like Mea was the embodiment of Darkness because, well, her hair became dark, but apparently, that’s just thanks to Nemesis..

.Mea? No. Nemesis?

Then the story continues! Darkness has now been explained in full detail (if it already has been, well, I need to do backreading… :v)! So, Darkness is simply the transformation ability of Yami gone wild. To control that, a limiter has been placed.  A transform ability gone wild? Sounds dangerous. Pretty dangerous. So, that’s the reason why Tearju-sensei “disappeared” from Yami’s existence. The doctor realized the danger beforehand, but other scientists prevented her from saving the soon-to-be assassin.

Apparently, the condition to remove the limiter had to be the complete opposite of what the Golden Darkness is used to. That would be the acceptance of peace and quiet. It’s basically saying that peace and quiet is the key to the obliteration of not only the Earth, but also the entire galaxy. Tomoki Sakurai is not pleased, well, aside from the ecchi this series never fails to bring. XD XD

And here comes a “food for thought” part. What exactly is Nemesis? How can she consume Mea so easily as if that personality named Kurosaki Mea never existed? Nemesis’ character is more mysterious than ever, I must say.

Mea? No. Still Nemesis...

And according to Nemesis herself, Yami’s psychological stress from all that suggestive straining and thoughts of peace and quiet plus ease with Mea will only make Darkness stronger.

And then, lo and behold!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yami: Darkness Version!!!!

The first time I saw this… So much wow. I really stared at it for some time before continuing. Just wow!! This transformation is epic! Yami is one of my favorite characters in the series, second only to Mikan. XD

And the best part?

Feelin' ecchi?

The 180 in personality. It just adds to the wow factor. I expected the Principal to get in on this. I was right, but he was just sent flying to Antarctica(?). Yami actually wanted the most ecchiest (yeah you read right, the most ecchiest) person she knows. He also happens to be her target, so, two birds with one stone, anyone?

Yuuki Rito, prepare yourse–

Ugh. Black Hole.

Nevermind… And the limiter limited this special skill? Wow! That’s some limiter…

So, in Yami’s current state of mind and considering that the passive pervert who defies the laws of physics via his falling skillz is right under her grasps, what is the best way to finally get rid of her “target” that she has terminated for a yay long time? It’s simple, really!

It’s Yami’s special dose of contrapasso. In other words, for a pervert, a lecherous death. And I couldn’t have said it better…

DEATH BY BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah! For the record, that was the actual translation of the line Yami said. Though, will the Deviluke sisters present at the moment stay silent and watch, or will they protect the person they like? (though Nana’s still unsure with that, but, what the heck? XD)

Of course not!! Next issue: Yami in Darkness mode vs the Nana/Momo duo! Place your bets now! Will Darkness prevail? Will the princesses emerge supreme? Or will it come to a standstill and someone else would intervene (what killjoys!)?

Rating: 9/10

Main reason, ecchi factors aside, is that everything about Darkness is set, and a new conflict arises. It’s not a 10 due to my curiosities with Nemesis’ character. It would seem weird at first, but I hope that in the next chapters, she finally reveals what she really is (if she hasn’t already :v).

Credits to CXC Scans for providing everything on To Love-ru Darkness and MangaFox for hosting this awesome series!

’til next time! P3r50n5 out! Peace!

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