Late Friday Post: A Birthday Special for My Favorite 300+-Year-Old Demon Girl

No warning will be given for this blog post. Instead, let me give three cheers to the li’l devil God only knows! The cutest, aloof, li’l devil you’ll see in your entire life! Happy Birthday to Elysia de Lute Irma! Happy birthday to you~

This birthday special would be  first of its kind that I’ll do. But I won’t be doing it normally by spamming lots of Elsie pictures because I’ve already had my fill. If only I didn’t succumb to a headache, I would’ve written this post earlier, but since it’s still March 14 in some other countries, it’s still technically Elsie’s birthday! XD XD XD

TWGOK Soul Memories... I want to play!! :v

Moving on, what would make this birthday special different, well, besides the picture mini-spam,  I will be posting here a theoretical character background of Elsie. Okay, for those TWGOK hardcore fans, I know her story has been explained in Chapter 255: A Settlement 4. The theory will follow some parts of the canon, so if you see parts of this post that are anti-canonical, those would be some parts of the theory. Well, as the author of a TWGOK fanfiction that deals with Hellian time,  I’ll leave the years at canon, wherein one Hellian year is equal to one Earth year.

I’ll give you my favorite pics of Elsie while heading on to this random theorization (if that’s even a word, but you get the picture. XD). I should be doing something productive. I still have to do a completely horrible Computer project. I don’t want to go into details on that. It’s very, very annoying. And other parts of my student clearance, I still have to complete them, but what the heck? It’s supposed to be Elsie’s special day!

Even though I should’ve written this hours ago, I just settled with an audio log. Since I was unable to type or write due to a headache which led to high fever, I did such. So, without further ado, here is my Elysia de Lute Irma from The World God Only Knows theorized character background.

I don’t know why I did this post in the first place. I’m thinking that her birthday is just an excuse for me to quell this certain TWGOK fanboyism I have… XD

Such hhnnnnnngghh!!!

To state the obvious, Elysia de Lute Irma, nicknamed Elsie, is a New Devil born in New Hell, though it was not specified what year. I can only infer she was born 300 years ago before the Almagemachina, or the war between the Old Devils and the New Devils, and we don’t know if that 300 years were Earth years or not, because though she’s 300+ years old, she has a body of a 16-year-old. A very, very sexy body of a 16-year old. XD Ahh, me and my fantasies…

Elsie graduated at the bottom of her class of the 203rd batch of the Far East Devil High School. After graduating, she became a custodian for the Public Safety Department. She’s basically a janitor. Being the lowest of the class, it’s a stereotype wherein your grades directly reflect your outcome in life.

Because of New Hell experiencing a Soul Crisis (a power crisis where Hell’s source of power i.e human souls lessened because humans live longer) and the fact that there has been a massive outbreak of unpurified  evil souls known in New Hell as kaketama or “runaway spirit” or “loose soul”, New Hell’s Public Safety Department has decided to lower its standards to increase its manpower. This created a significant set of unworthy members of the Public Safety Department, which in turn created the Runaway Spirit Squad, the squad assigned to capture the kaketama let loose all over Earth.

Elsie took a test to join the said squad because her life as a custodian is getting dull. Of course, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. In this case, all cleaning and no playing gets Elsie eaten by that dog, wolf, gargoyle, thing she’s been cleaning for a yay long time. So, in order to change her system of living, she took a test. A standardized test similar to licensure exams. And you’re guessing since Elsie got in the R.S.S, the standards of the Public Safety Department went from 90% to around 1%. It’s like the department is saying “We need members. Badly.

So, on her first day on the job, she gets a mini-briefing and scolding from Dokurou Skull, the head of the R.S.S. Elsie gets scolded because she still has her broom with her. At this point, Elsie gets assigned to her current buddy, Keima Katsuragi, who Dokurou Skull thinks is the greatest at capturing girls’ hearts (because runaway spirits hide in the gaps of a girl’s heart) and TWGOK begins~

To be honest, I can’t believe that Dokurou Skull is that dumb to send a Rank 0 Elsie to enlist the help of a Level 999++ God of Conquest, but what’s done is done… XD


Elsie, at the start of the manga, is shown to have little knowledge how to use her loadout. It takes her a while to close her Runaway Spirit Sensor. It takes her a while to set it from Wide Area range to Specific Area range. Her flying looked great, but it was shown to still be suckish as she fell on Keima during Haqua’s arc (where she forgot to decelerate) and in A Settlement 4 (where she crashed on the side of the cave).  She doesn’t know how to maximize her hagoromo as shown in Ayumi’s arc where it took all of her raiment’s energy to create 3 simple banners. She also can’t do what Haqua can with her raiment such as a light screen showing past events in the target area (see below) and suppressing multiple targets using little portions of the raiment.

After the contract-making, Elsie had to establish herself in Keima’s family and succeeds in doing so. Then and there, she figures out the true nature of the Katsuragi household. Keima’s father, Keiichi, is working away from home while the lovingly adorable mother of the household Mari showcases her bloodthirst after Elsie drops the li(n)e, “I’m the illegitimate child of your husband.” and solidifies it with “Here is the letter from my deceased mother…” This denotes that Elsie is bluntly expressive. XD

Oh, God...

Analyzing Elsie’s character during her moments in the manga, I can say she’s a cheerful li’l devil who’s easily affected by words from her inspirational figures and negative events and emotions such as failures and saddening flags (just like Hinoki’s arc where she felt useless capturing a Level 4 kaketama), but at some cases, her optimism, enthusiasm, and bubbly nature goes above standards. Her determination is also strong. When Keima called her a “bug demon” for the first time,  Elsie was determined to prove her Kami-niisama otherwise. Of course, she has a cute voice. I’d like to thank Kanae Itou-san for giving Elsie a really, really cute voice which truly matches her bubbly nature. XD


Elsie acknowledges her failures and shortcomings. She knows that she’s a useless idiot, but due to her positive attributes, she always finds inspiration to persevere, one of which is her sister, briefly mentioned in Chapter 2,. Another would be Keima. The little shipping community of KeimaxElsie believe that this inspiration will then lead (or has already lead) to infatuation which eventually lead to love. The problem with this fanbase, though, is this. Too add, I’m fully aware that this fanbase was alive and kicking during the early parts of TWGOK, but as the Goddess Arc progressed, Elsie was taken away from the spotlight.

Flustered Elsie

Elsie is not only pretty dumb when it comes to Hellian stuff, but also dumb with Earth stuff, as shown by her menial outdated knowledge on Earth. And now, I wonder how she learned to speak Japanese. It’s this factor again common in anime series set outside Japan where foreigners speak perfect English. XD. IMO, it could’ve been pretty legit if before the contract, Elsie and Dokurou Skull were talking in Hellian beforehand and when Elsie met Keima for the first time, she talked to him in Hellian, wherein the only time Elsie spoke legit Japanese is when the contract was formally recognized (i.e after Elsie flew Keima to Class 2-B’s classroom).

Being completely unknowledgable about Earthly items, she becomes interested in things that catches her senses, mainly her eyes and ears. This is shown by her becoming a fan of Kanon-chan. Both her songs and her get-up (her huge yellow ribbon) manage to convert even a devil to Kanonism. XD


Of course, when you say Elsie, the immediate topic you’d think about her is firetrucks (it also works the other way around, wherein when you think of firetrucks, you think of Elsie). She becomes interested in them because of a shallow reason. Because it’s soooo red! Because it’s soooo large! Because it’s reeeaalllly red!!! So, since Elsie is easily manipulated by these trivial items, I can say this shows that she has a happy-go-lucky character.


Yeah, she’s dumb.  She doesn’t know what she’s doing most of the time. And let’s face it. The only time she does well in the conquests is when Keima tells her exactly what to do, which also denotes that Elsie is a good follower. She’s only able to act on her own when the situation calls for it and if it has something to do with emotional values. See her one-devil input during Haqua’s arc where she told Haqua how she really felt about her with full honesty.

Though, it was revealed in the Heart of Jupiter Arc during Kaori’s arc that Elsie isn’t completely dumb. She can remove the collars set by Vintage because it uses an outdated formula known as the 61st equation. Plus, her doll-making improved from big, unproportioned elliptical dolls to true-to-life dolls coupled with illusion magic.

Ne, ne, Hakua

She also has hidden potential. It only took her team of two to capture a Level 2/3 kaketama during Haqua’s arc. Being able to capture 5 runaway spirits prior to that, besides hidden potential, I can say she’s gotten used to capturing runaway spirits. And since it only took 5 times for her to get used to the job, I can say she learns best with experience. Most of us do, actually. XD

And now, going to Elsie’s origins! But why did I start with this somewhat long explanation of Elsie character? That’s because I want to because I’m a huge TWGOK hardcore fan want you to get a feel of Elsie’s character before I go into details.

Oh, yeah, this part includes spoilers. I shoulda added the warning, but what the Hell? See what I did there? XD XD

elsie XD

In A Settlement 3, Elsie gets a glimpse of a figure that she recognizes as her Onee-sama. She confirms it at A Settlement 4, and the figure she saw was her Rimyuel-oneesama. Does the name sound familiar? XD

At A Settlement 4 as well, we figure out that Elsie is an adopted devil taken in by the Irmas. Her parents died during the Almagemachina. Because Chief Irma was handling Lifecare Institutes, a place for little devils who lost their parents during the war, she was taken in by this generous, self-sacrifical chief under those grounds. The Far East Branch Lifecare Institute handled 499 other little devils, all of which are of the same age with each other. These devils are taught how to do household chores. From inferring, either Chief Irma or Rimyuel, the daughter of Chief Irma , delegated tasks to those little devils, and Elsie got broom duty. This shows where she got her broom that she’s been using for 298 years. Just think of the mayhem the broom first caused. Even in the present, Elsie still has work to do with the broom. :O See this page of A Settlement 4. Everyone was thankful for the Irmas, especially thankful for Rimyuel, who everyone in the Lifecare Institute revered greatly because she took care of everyone equally every time. XD

This was Elsie’s blunt explanation of her origins. She seems unfazed even though her parents died during the war. She doesn’t feel bad about it. Because of that, I can say that she finds meaning in every event in her life. She has a good outlook in life. Her optimism always gets her to think beyond what is given, so she is a mature character in a sense that she can take all of the problems and failures in life and come out on top, be it of her own accord or with the help of Keima, Haqua, and everyone else who befriended this li’l devil who I revere now, who mesmerized me with her aloofness and her outlook on life. She reminds me of my own optimistic nature. But enough with that!

So, it was only stated that Elsie’s parents died during the war. What were they doing as a profession before the war? From this, I can say two possibilities.

Old Hell was once a vast fertile land filled with a rural setting. Grass and all. XD It’s filled with something amazing. I can say that Elsie’s parents worked to cultivate lands.  My guess is that Elsie’s father tends his land like a farmer while Elsie’s mother is a housedevil.  From her, Elsie learned the basics of tending to the household likecleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. During the early stages of the Almagemachina, the Old Devils found Elsie’s family’s tiny house which they can use as a forward base. Normally, Elsie’s parents didn’t allow that. Elsie was told to hide inside once the Old Devils arrived. While both parents tried to defend the small land that they only have, they were killed on the spot maybe via magical shot or a magical explosion/implosion. Elsie hid under the small bed they had, witnessing firsthand the gruesome death of the only two figures she’s known and loved. As the Old Devils garrisoned the hut, they turned the place around, trying to dispel anything that would compromise them. An Old Devil was about to look under the bed where Elsie was, when suddenly the devil fell flat on the floor, dead. Elsie has been saved by either Chief Irma or Rimyuel, and ultimately, she gets taken in the Lifecare Institute.

Another theory is that she’s part of a middle-class family. It’s impossible that she’s part of a rich family because she lacks the ojou-sama or hime-sama character. She doesn’t look spoiled, either. Elsie’s father was a custodian, while Elsie’s mother was a cook. They were simple but out-of-the-house jobs. During Elsie’s classes in pre-school, the war broke out from an explosion set off far away from Elsie’s pre-school. This totalled the lives of both Elsie’s parents. Elsie was never fetched from the pre-school. Her teacher was keeping her company, when suddenly, a group of Old Devils forcefully entered the pre-school, hoping to use the huge pre-school as an armory. Same thing. The teacher was killed defending the pre-school, but this time, Elsie found the chance to run away, but because she’s still little, an Old Devil captured her. Seeing how merciless devils are in general, the Old Devil planned to slit her throat to avoid witnesses. Same thing as well. Elsie is saved by either Chief Irma or Rimyuel and is taken in the Lifecare Institute.

The “Irma” in her name signifies a surname, but as explained, it doesn’t mean she’s a legit daughter of Chief Irma. Among Chief Irma’s 501 daughters, only Rimyuel is his daughter by blood. So, it’s impossible that Elsie’s real surname is Irma. It would be something else not mentioned in the series. But what can surface from this is the meaning of the phrase “de Lute” in “Elysia de Lute Irma”. Oh, I plan to include this in my fanfic, so if you so as much copy this, I’m going to have Elsie curse you greatly in multiple successions wherein you turn to a frog, die a horrible death, and be reborn into a frog to die a terrible death once more. Yes, Elsie’s curse is that powerful. I tell you. So, I currently do not know the origin of the phrase “de Lute”. It may be Hellian. It may even be Latin for all I know. On the grounds that Elsie is an adopted child, “de Lute” means “child adopted by”, wherein “de” means “child” and “Lute” means “adopted by”. So, if you’re going to translate this all in English, you’d get, “Elysia, child adopted by Irma”. It’s like the Biblical way to call people, just like “Jacob, son of David” (and I think I got that wrong…). At that, one may wonder what “du Lot” means for Haqua’s name, but I don’t want to dwell on that here.

To add, I can say Elsie was an only child prior to being taken in. She mentioned no one who she revered besides her “older sister”, who was revealed to be but Elsie’s adoptive sister.

And so, those are my theories of Elsie’s origins. This, for me, was the best way to revere the character you love! If you have anything to add, clarify, or if you want to be clarified, feel free to tell me. XD Once again, happy birthday to Elsie!~~~ Before I end, I just want to tell you guys that–

Wait, is that…? A firetruck!!!! Shoubousha!~~~~~~


Creds to the owners of the pictures, BTW. XD


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