Sora no Otoshimono: The Third Earth — Tragedy Gone Badly Wrong — (Chapter 77 FINAL: Normality!!)



A Smile?? 

Chapter 77: Normality!!

Looking at the previous chapter, the events are getting tense as everything starts to fade, anyone who hasn’t died yet already has (with two exceptions) and now Ikaros is becoming true to her Greek counterpart as her wings starts to burn. I felt the tension. After waiting for some long time for the update of the previous chapter, I kinda lost the storyline a bit, and due to other constraints, I haven’t gotten to re-read the whole thing (extras aside). After re-reading Chapter 73, though, it all started to come back to me. The earth is starting to crumble apart, the Pandora Systems for the First Generation Angeloids, Chaos and her longing to find the meaning of love, Chaos bringing Sugata-senpai all the way to the Rule and getting 0wn3d by the Melan Angeloids even if he was protected by Yoshitsune, Sugata-senpai’s backstory (which was told very late, if you ask me)…  Of course I haven’t forgotten the basic characteristics of everyone, but the current tension just caught up to me. If only I learned to read Japanese earlier, I would have appreciated the whole drama/tragedy a bit more. i don’t blame the translators, though, for trying their best with the translation. The grammatical errors in the translations just killed the mood for me at some points. I’m just being honest here, though. No bashing intended.

Now, just by looking at the title, what did you expect at first? I didn’t mind it at all because I was so psyched to write the review of the series finale. But now that the dust settled, and I got a second third  fourth chance to re-read the chapter bits by bits, I realized the title itself already said that Sora no Otoshimono’s ending is not true to the Tragedy tags I see all over the manga sites (though of course I know that the main theme of it is tragic and dramatic).

If you saw the picture way above, I can say that was a form of a bittersweet smile Ikaros did as a finality. At re-reading, I face-palmed myself after forgetting Ikaros’ inability to smile (even if it was mentioned at the start of the chapter oTL), then at remembering, feels…

Buuut, at her demise, she left a good present for Tomoki to beat the crap out of King Minos.

The Variable Wing Core

Have I seen this before? I think there was a cameo of this during the Melan Angeloids part.

Moving on, I was surprised as Tomoki absorbed the power of the core, calling it Ikaros’ heart, saving him from King Minos’ attack. So true. With the help of all the Angeloids, Tomoki gave King Minos all that he deserved. What the eccentric king did next was unexpected, though. So, that happens to people who have too much pride. It doesn’t matter if you’re spared. You’d rather end your life than become grateful to the one who spared your life.

With the glider Sugata-senpai left in his wake, Tomoki soared through Synapse all the way to the center where every angel (uh, do they have a race name or are they really angels?) slept (I’m not sure if the building had a name either). An angel then greeted Tomoki at his entry. She was Daedalus, the cyan-haired angel whose bangs cover the whole of her eyes. The creator of the Angeloids, the cards, and the Rule…

Is actually…


When I read up to this part, I stopped. I very jumpily ran around the computer laboratory of our school with a shocked expression on my face and went back to the computer, but time constraint prevented me from continuing until 7 hours later. This part, I thought it was someone else (Tomoki’s mom, Tomozo, but at that time, I remembered Tomozo’s real nature and appearance. She didn’t have long hair, for God’s sake, why did I think so…?), then my mind shifted to Sohara, then back to Tomozo, then as the page loaded, bam. I was wrong in the end.

Then the next page was even harder on me…

She's dead?!?

No, seriously!?!? The same case with Hiyori?? If Hiyori’s story didn’t hit me in the feels enough… T_T   This was one of the few reveals of the series. Hell, I think this is the only reveal of the series…

Daedalus created all the Angeloids, Synapese’s stuff… What hasn’t she created? A happy end between her replica and the boy he only got a short time to spend with…

And now, some valuing time!

Immortality is not a great thing. Getting all that you want when you want is not a great thing. The grand citizens of Synapse failed to realize the true meaning of life. Creating the Downers (a.k.a humans/ angels without wings) for entertainment, for temporary joy, eventually led to their envy and ultimately to their downfall… This was a good backstory about the citizens in Synapse, but who would’ve thought?

Mass Suicide... :v

And now, Daedalus Sohara mentions that it’s her fault for bringing Tomoki into this mess. Tomoki’s response to that?


This part just removed all that drama part and gave a lighthearted comedic feel. I wonder if there is a term for that, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a sort of calming the tension, if I had to put it in words…

Then, a happy feeling ensued as Tomoki attempted to write on the Rule, but apparently a setback from Sohara, saying that Sugata-senpai wrote on the last part of the rule, meaning Tomoki can’t write on the Rule anymore to grant his wish…

Great. Just great. It’s feeling tragic.

And then, this happens…

A miracle!

I totally forgot how that got in there… It’s obviously Sugata-senpai’s laptop, but I can’t tell who cracked the code in deleting the last items. Was it him before he died?? Or was it Mikako?? Either way, they got the job done, giving a chance for Tomoki to live up to his motto in life…

“Peace and quiet is the best!”

With one wish, everyone and everything followed.

Yes, Master...

And, it’s as if nothing happened to Sorami Town and in the Sakurai household. Tomoki be having a lewd dream as Nymph munched her chips vaguely and uninterestingly saying whatever the sleep-talking 4’11” king of perverts said. Astraea devours Tomoki’s breakfast, and everyone came to crash at Tomoki’s house, eating whatever, whenever, however. Then, Sohara arrives with her replica. This part solidifies that the peace and quiet(?) and the normal life Tomoki lost over the events of the 76 other chapters is back.


The last part that still had to be resolved, well…

…it’s epically resolved!

Apart from King Minos and the Harpies’ respawn, which got King Minos somewhat infuriated, there was this loli Angeloid who finally found out the true meaning of love. This conflict started ever since she was introduced, and to have it finally resolved, man, does it feel good to see it!!!


The only reason I entitled this post that way is because tragedies are set to end badly, and if doesn’t end badly but instead it ends happily, it’s a bad tragedy, though I have to reiterate that it’s a tragedy per se.

Buuut, who doesn’t love a happy ending? XD


I‘m sorry if I covered mostly the general flow of the ending. I was in a hurry posting this, drawing firstblood for the group and all, and being in an Internet cafe while doing this isn’t any helpful, either.

At this point, I’d like to thank Minazuki Suu-sensei for creating such a wonderful story for us. Your 7 years of creating this have not gone in vain. Right now, the only thing left to wait for is Sora no Otoshimono: Eternal My Master, it’s the movie in their theaters April 26, 2014! I’ll be looking forward to it as well! XD

Oh, before I forget, to prevent copyright stuff, I’d like to thank Mangafox and Mangabird for hosting the copy of SnO Chapter 77, and of course, thanks also to the subbers at  Heru-san fansub for giving your all in translating this work of art.

Hope to see you all again once I get my Internet operational again… o/


4 thoughts on “Sora no Otoshimono: The Third Earth — Tragedy Gone Badly Wrong — (Chapter 77 FINAL: Normality!!)

  1. I’d just like to thank you so very very much for explaining this all in easier terms to understand! I’m not the best at understanding Manga and I don’t really read it.. so After finally getting to watch Eternal My Master I was left completely dumbstruck at the ending.. So many scenes don’t make sense and I was completely confused at the end and felt like I’d missed something, So I searched and searched and searched online for an explanation of what actually happened so reading this made me happy to find out there was actually a good ending to the series! Again, thank you so very much for this!!

    • It may come to a surprise to you that I haven’t watched Eternal My Master. But what I do know about it is that that movie is set in an AU i.e it’s not canon, or not following the story of the original series; in this case, the manga. I’d like to thank you for stopping by, and I’m glad I was able to give you what you need. XD XD

  2. There’s no way this is how they end it! I love this series and I really hope the continue it in film adaptation to give a satisfying ending because in the Eternal My Master it leaves you with a cliffhanger but I have read the manga and I really want there to be just some kind of continuation. I’m so sad!😥

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