Welcome to the N.O.H.K

A foreword from OtaSensei’s Administrator:

Gokigenyou minna~~ It has been a damn long while since I last blogged and met you peeps specially, those of you who regularly visited me several seasons ago back in the old domain. Anyhow, if you guys remember this post from around a year ago about the group I was part of, well … we had a tad bit of reorganizing done and now me and the folks over there are now dead set into making productive people out of ourselves, and yes, starting a blog like this was one of the steps we saw in achieving it.

Before I start with the opening and introduction however, I’ll have to do as one of our members suggested. A proper closure to things.

As some of you might know, I have a horrible problem when it comes to time management. More often than not, I tend to get derailed off my priorities and goals which usually causes a mess-up or two. I leave things unattended and half-done which is what happened to have done to my blog, OtaSensei /sighsatself. Because of this, I will be closing OtaSensei until I rekindle my enthusiasm for it and until I get myself into a good college. Let’s say, a soul-search of some sort, or probably rehab XD

Author intros:

ruo1ruo ani:  My sentiments above aside, a proper blog launch starts with a proper introduction, so I guess I’ll start.

I’m ruo, the self-acclaimed king of loli mecha-musume and just about anything with metal works and cute girls. I came across the wonderful culture of Japanese manga and anime half a decade ago when a friend of mine suggested that I watch the anime “Green Green”. It was horrible. Despite how much of a debacle the anime was, it did well to revive my interest in the sub-culture arts that was left growing back in my childhood, making it very memorable. Now, I’m focusing on self-improvement, hopefully, allowing me to inspire a lad or two. Rather noble? Yeah, sure, but it doesn’t mean I’m not doing this for myself, because after all, I am the group’s hard-hitting editor, amateur photographer, figure collector, and ranter. A devout student of the Humikane-style remix of the mecha-musume arts, also an avid follower of a certain snake goddess~~~~

Oh btw, “ruo” can not and must not be capitalized. Violate this, and I’ll send a loli to hug you. You don’t want that.

vadeP3r50n5_UnKnWn, Person Extraordinare! BS Gaming: Major in Touhou Youyoumu: Perfect Cherry Blossom and Half-Life (including its mods; yes, even CS) I’m into a lot of game genres to, mind you. XD

Proud otaku at heart! I started realizing being an otaku around Grade 5 when a friend started talking about K-ON! and Hayate no Gotoku! on Animax and I got curious. Though, I’ve watched other series prior to those like Detective Conan, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Captain Tsubasa, I’ve taken being an otaku seriously not until 3rd Year High School.

I am a HARDCORE TWGOK Fan! I have to really gratefully thank ruo for showing this awesome series to me! I got into it due to its storyline. It was that unique to me that it stuck in my heart. As a gamer and otaku combined, who wouldn’t get absorbed in this series? And of course, I’m loving how the series is turning out now. XD 4ever KeimaxAyumi FTW! XD

requiem2 Requiem: So yeah, been a while since I last blogged. For the people who visited OtaSensei quite some time before, I am Meister97. I just changed my name to be in sync with my main handle name.

Before, I only watch anime, read manga and minimal VNs but recently I started taking VN reading more seriously. Though the number of VNs completed is still quite small in my standards, at least the hours spent on VNs a week is more than the hours spent a month a few years ago.

If you will ask me how I became an otaku, the answer is simple, it’s because of my dad. When I was young he would watch some anime in our TV and with nothing to do, I would watch with him. Eventually I would start watching independently and here I am now.

s1Sugumi: NOHK’s resident Soviet, North Korea and everything government and politics expert, who watches anime at his own pace (the time I take to finish one anime varies greatly),  plays World of Tanks (in a very Soviet Red Army manner), does drawings and sketches, and goes to conventions (for a completely different reason, I guess).

This would be the first time that I would be writing in a blog. So, I guess I would end up writing on random stuff (which would be otaku-related, somehow) or on the anime’s I’ve recently finished in my point of view (I might end up getting sent to Siberia for this).

renegadeRenegade822: Hello there guys! I guess I can say this is my first time being a blogger. I was introduced and invited to write in this blog by my fellow NOHK members. I was intrigued by the idea of getting to share our ideas and interests as an otaku so I said “Why not? Where should I start?”

Those words should sum it up since if I remember correctly I said something more than that. Moving on, I can see no harm in doing so and I believe I can see promising results in this blog.

If you should ask me when I first became an otaku, I can say that it started and gradually developed when I was still a child under the age of six. I was an introvert at the time and I spend most of my time studying for school. I was also not allowed to play computer games during school days unless sembreak, christmas break, or summer vacation started. This act was put to effect by my parents but I’m not mad at them in doing such a thing. the result is that I was completely focused on my studies. Watching anime on television was like the only source of leisure for me. After hitting the books I just turn on the television, watch the anime being aired, and then sleep. This has become a routine almost everyday. As years went by, I got a decent internet wi-fi  thus an even wider community was revealed to me.  (.e.g. manga, new anime, etc.)

Sadly, I stopped at a certain period to focus on school since my parents noticed I was neglecting my studies. Luckily, I was reeled in to the otaku world again when I heard of the NOHK. I joined and I met  awesome people.  I am truly grateful to them for making the world of being an otaku as a part of my life again.  But of course I won’t neglect my education since I don’t want to make the same mistake again.

That would be all and I hope  that I can I share and listen  to all of you. I am very open to new topics of interest (as long as it is otaku related) and I humbly welcome you all to the ‘nohk’ blog.

alkaeid1Alkaeid: Game otaku all the way, with some anime on the side, of course.  Main fandom/roots being the Touhou Project (although I suck at the shooting games), Gust Corporation games, and Vocaloid.  No schedule when it comes to hobbies, but I like to get things done either way.

Genre-wise:  no specifics.  For anything.  I’ll play/watch anything that doesn’t have a bad main character, and will listen to anything unless there’s a special reason not to.  Special mention to JRPGs and beat/rhythm games though.

Even though I’ve watched anime a long time ago, I’ve only really started being an otaku a little over 4 years ago because of a game called osu!.  The music really opened me to the world of anime, since I’ve known the ops/eds even before the show itself, and the reason I’ve watched a lot of anime was for the songs.

seiruSeiruRise: Now, now, I’m not going to be giving a long boring speech about who I am and what I’m up to. What I mean is, I’m not some final boss who will go all the way to tell his foe his grand plan which will ultimately fail.

I’m more like Shiina of Angel Beats who just said “Shallow-mided… Come get me.” or Red who’ll skip all the talk and go right to the action. So, I won’t have any intro for you. Next time you’ll see me is as an author of some post on the blog. If you want to know what I’ll be posting about, just read my future posts.

ruo: Well, that pretty much showcases the awesome group we have. From anime and manga to debates and rants on whatnot, we plan on covering all of them – turning plain net pages of white into an abode of creative ideas and imagination which makes every second of being an otaku fun and worthwhile XD  From here on out, we hope that you continue dropping by o/

Welcome to the N.O.H.K~~~~~ \o o/ \o/


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