UnKnWn Dilemmas: Shifting!? Creative Cramming. Recent BSR Springfest Affairs.

Hey, uh. What’s up? :O

Sorry if came up with such a rant post even after the undeserved hiatus. Well, I do promise something relevant up. After all, a man from the long provinces will make his triumphant return, and he’s en route as I type this. XD

So, with all distractions rattling in as I actually do anything to start my summer off, I’d like to say that college has killed the dream. It took me one semester and a new look on the term “terror professor” for me to say that college has killed the dream I once had. Remember when I had struggles with the programs that professor made us do? Well, those struggles came with no help whatsoever as I admittedly say that I failed my basic Computer Science subject. No use hiding in shame over a nasty F over my card grade. Or a 5.0 in college terms over here. I found it more as a rude awakening to the realities of life.

I had an intent of shifting when I learned of my grade there, but my mom told me to just take the course again, and just avoid that terror professor altogether. I did, and that what became of my Saturdays during my 2nd Sem.

How could this happen? (Spy ver)

To be honest, I got through the 1st half of retaking that CS course very confidently. The 2nd half, though, reaffirmed my difficulties with programming altogether. Mastermind and Minesweeper were our projects, and I have to say, they were no easy feats. Ugh. I was satisfied with my 1.75 standing (I don’t even how you convert that into letter grades) and was completely fine when it went down 2.50 when my professor checked the projects.

Now, before June 30, I have to do my stuff to just get out of Computer Science and dive straight into the heart of BA Linguistics. Yeah. You read that right. From programming to learning languages. If you think that Linguistics is way off from ComSci, just think of languages, and you’ll see their similarities.

My mom is my main consultant for all college-related business, especially after my CS disaster. She told me that she supports my aim of shifting because I have good grades in the other general education courses, but she always reminds me of my future with Linguistics. Ask an alumnus of the potential jobs you’ll be in after graduating from the course. I don’t want to worry about that too much, though, because I want to live at my own pace.

Such mother. XD

But why Linguistics of all things?

All because of the Japanese language. You see, there are 3 curriculum plans a BA Linguistics student can follow. Plan A would be on European Languages. Plan B would be Bahasa Indonesia and some other SEA languages. Plan C would be Japanese. This was my second-choice course coming into college. I thought to myself that it would be great to learn Japanese not only for the individualistic “I get to watch anime without subs.” stereotype. I always wanted to learn the language because of Vocaloid and the famous songs created by a lot of successful producers like ryo. Vocaloid has really been my main reason for me learning how to speak Japanese ever since summer of last year. It would be amazing to be able to create my own songs that could be my musical outlet of my emotions from my teensy bit of experience with the piano. Of course, Alkaeid told me I don’t have to make Japanese songs altogether because there are songs like COMA. That song is written in our native language. I was more and more enthralled of Vocaloid, especially when he made me listen to it first before watching the lyrics video on Youtube. See below~

Ahhhh, Vocaloid songs never fail to give me either goosebumps because they’re so good, or a shot to the heart for absolute feels.

Anyway, remember when I said I’ll be writing a yuri story for my Creative Writing class? Well…

I procrastinated. 3 days into the deadline, the plotline was still in my head, untranslated into a work of fiction into my laptop. On the last day before the deadline, I decided to just shelf the idea and go with an edited version of Hell’s Power Outage, a Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai fanfiction written by yours truly around 2 years ago. It turned out so freakin’ rushed that it looks sooooooo bad, at least from my viewpoint. I might link it here if I feel like it.

The panning just makes this less intense.

did tell my professor that I may do that yuri story, but only for fun and not for grading, and that’s within the summer, but with my backlog full of other stuff, I may have to pass on that one.

So, what better way to celebrate my survival of my 2nd Semester of my first year of college than Weiss Schwarz? hahahahah XD

Last June 7, ruo, Gazer, and I participated in a completely free Bushiroad Springfest Weiss Schwarz Neo-Showdown held at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center. For 9 hours of arguably the most Weiss Schwarz gaming I’ve had outside the group, I had the winner mindset going on, especially more so because I thoroughly prepared for it through net-decking (wow much prep) and buying the needed cards from the net-deck. I got my final pieces from a good friend Tim just before the registrations ended, and all of us headed on for a lot of card gaming. I will have a separate post for that. Presumably, tomorrow.


Spoiler alert: 7 rounds of Swiss and a raffle that’s pushing me to freakin’ start learning on ship [girls]. XD

Well, there was an ample amount of salt there, but my rant ends here. So, until next post, may the fun and the luck, and again with this lame ending, be with you all! Peace!

Creds to all pic-makers, by the way. You guys are also a good source of my inspiration, especially when you draw great art like the ones a lot of people just c/p into their blogs. :O

You can count on me from now on! XD

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