Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai – Manga Ends in Next Volume

Oh, man.
That’s just…
Well, I have mixed emotions here.
But for the record, I read about this 11 hours ago.
I feel epically sad because the series I devoted much of my otakuism on (well, overstatement, but I like the series so much!!) TWGOK. I won’t see the God of Conquest in action again. I won’t see my favorite heroines again aiming for the true happy end (that includes Haqua and maybe even Elsie to a certain extent because “Happy End” doesn’t necessarily mean relationship end; or it could probably be called a normal end).
But I’m completely fine with this epic series ending because prolonging such would definitely result to unnecessary filler chapters that may lead to an unstable arc. This would cause series popularity to drop due to it overselling.
It has been a pleasure reading your work, Wakaki-sensei!!!!
On a side note, time to wait more for the next season, spin-offs, or better yet, a season dedicated for the missed conquests!



The wraparound jacket on the 25th volume of the manga series has announced that Tamiki Wakaki’s comedy fantasy manga series Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai( The World God Only Knows) will end on the next volume.

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