Panzer Vor! Return to the World of Sensha-do

Now that the dust has settled on the Nisekoi ending, (NOHK’s take on it: Part 1, Part 2) and the infamous Re:Zero Tarp (link here), it’s time for another Hime-senpai post.

You see, this past week has been a literal storm of real-life events for us living in the Philippines. To make it quick, seasonal changes brought about intense rains for several days straight, causing floods, suspending classes left and right, and leaving most people trapped in either their homes, their workplaces (because we all know the fact that the working class is waterproof), or in the midst of a 5-hour traffic that’s becoming more and more of a commonplace in this third world country. Problems are aplenty, and I ended up being in the first category mentioned – stuck at home. Continue reading