Do I really need a title?

Hi hi~! Arisa here, the newest writer for the NOHK Blog~!

I’ve been watching anime around 2010, and I didn’t even know NOHK back then because I’ve just joined them a year ago. I’m DEEPLY attached with Romance and Slice of Life genres, whatever form it may be. Apparently, I’m a kouhai. And yes, that’s true. I joined because why not? Just kidding, they still hold debts.

I’m hoping for a more productive year for the blog! (Since they have been neglecting their blog duties a few months back…)


Hime-Senpai at Your Service!

‘Sup everyone~ Here’s, Hime-senpai, your newest blog member reporting for duty. If that’s too long for you, you can just call me Hime or HS or something, all up to you.

Maybe I should start off with a little stuff about myself or how I got into this blog in the first place. Well, I have been irl friends with most of the people in NOHK for quite some time already, thanks to our shared love of trading cards, anime, and manga. In fact, it’s two people from this blog that taught me how to play the Weiss Schwarz card game some one or two years ago.

As for my history with animanga… I didn’t really get too into it until 5 or so years ago. That is when my eyes opened to the ways of the internet. A lot of knowledge regarding how these cartoons are getting released, stuff about their schedules and sales, info regarding merchandise, the know-hows of obtaining the freshest episodes and chapters in Japan, you name it. All of that, opened up to me in a span of a week or so and it was overwhelming. Trust me, the animanga experience is never fully complete until you step into the wide world of the internet and the various community groups such as blogs and forums.

Now, I’m mostly an light novel fag who has a soft spot for tsundere/kuudere female leads in battle harem LNs.

For my contribution in the blog? Expect updates and reviews, and deck builds/recipes for Weiss Schwarz and Cardfight Vanguard (which is my first and primary anime card game). I’m still an active anime watcher now, and I enjoy talking about my PSVita games, so there’s that for expectations. That’s it, I guess, till next time.