The Haul

Thanks for the greetings, by the way. It’s my birthday today, and I keep forgetting that I keep posting something on my birthday or close to it. It’s probably a gift to myself by the productivity gods. This time, however, I actually bought myself gifts. Continue reading

KIBITZ! – Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Half

“They didn’t sing Step! Zero to One” -Alkaeid

Kibitz  — a word of Yiddish origin, defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “to watch other people and make unwanted comments about what they are doing”

It’s been 6 weeks, and the dust of this series has settled, but some of us here at NOHK are still kibitzing at this series which practically defines what our fandom is at the moment. What up? It’s time for the after-action report for the sunniest series this season. What else could it be? Let’s go, Aqours! Sunshine!! Continue reading

HALFTIME!: Love Live! Sunshine!!

Arise, descendants of the cold. Take flight into the pedestal at the peak of the mountain. Be the prime example to the blue spring we claim ours that water is ice not yet bounded by our culture.

That might just be the most retarded intro I’ve done in years. XD (And please don’t argue with me about using “retarded” as an adjective like this. I don’t care about the offence you take.) Continue reading