Catching the Moment!

Long time no see, guys. Ever wondered what good old Hime-senpai’s up to these days? Uhh, quite a lot, actually. First off, the job hunt has been pretty taxing. To paraphrase Itami Youji’s words of wisdom, you gotta work to support your hobbies. Hobbies can only come with cash, and cash normally only comes with work. Luckily, I managed to snag a few writing gigs in Upwork, so there’s a start. Secondly, most of my non-working time is being consumed by the gaming trinity of Overwatch, League of Legends, and Shadowverse, plus TCGs like Vanguard. I still occasionally practice my other skills such as drawing/sketching and, believe it or not, the violin, so that’s quite a lot of stuff to do. Sometimes I wonder how I end up with so much free time at this rate. Guess it’s an effect of not having a full-time job. Continue reading

OTAGAI! To Love-Ru: Darkness Chapter 76!

Last time, I predicted that To Love-Ru Darkness still has a lifespan of 2+ years before its well-deserved climax. I thought I said 1 year. Though there haven’t been any official announcements on the  final chapter’s date, a lot of people have been calling the ending within the year or earlier…

With the second year of the NOHK Blog operating under my supervision passing by, all I can do is sigh whenever I think about TLR and it ending. It’s been a blast, in more ways than one! But hey, new chapter! Let’s get on it!

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A Troubled Recap!! To Love-Ru: Darkness Year-End Catchup

No one escapes the wheel of destiny!

Hey, everyone! Hope you had a great Christmas and a New Year’s celebration like no other! As always, we here at the NOHK Blogs look forward to bringing you guys the good stuff yet again this 2017! A week has passed since 2016 ended, and for me, that’s a good point in time to write stuff again. No more New Year’s celebrations from the folks and the group or anything to distract me from writing during my near-ending Christmas vacation. Let us witness the great power from harnessing Darkness!

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