OTAGAI! To Love-Ru: Darkness Chapter 76!

Last time, I predicted that To Love-Ru Darkness still has a lifespan of 2+ years before its well-deserved climax. I thought I said 1 year. Though there haven’t been any official announcements on the  final chapter’s date, a lot of people have been calling the ending within the year or earlier…

With the second year of the NOHK Blog operating under my supervision passing by, all I can do is sigh whenever I think about TLR and it ending. It’s been a blast, in more ways than one! But hey, new chapter! Let’s get on it!

We were left with the confession of Haruna and Rito’s reflex response to her, which was an immediate “Yes, the feeling is mutual.” Hence, otagai. Yeah. Japanese classes paying off. XD

As Gazer laid it down for me, there are only 3 possible endings for To Love-Ru at this stage:

  1. The Harem Route – where Momo’s plans come to fruition and provides Rito the fate many men can only dream of.
  2. The True Route – where Rito chooses one of the members of the harem.
  3. The Open-Ended Route – where something as remotely close to what happened in OG TLR will happen, and a vague, arbitrary ending will seep its way into this work of art.


This just came to me: Why isn’t a threesome route viable enough? Eh…

From this chapter, it looks as if we’ve leaned towards ending #2, but somehow, Hasemi Saki-sensei  managed to keep the conflicting endings at exact probabilities of happening. How?

We turn to the mastermind(s) of the harem project. What has this sweet scene between Rito and Haruna afflicted onto the younger twin princess’ pure yet dirty mind?


It’s so heartbreaking to see Momo cry in defeat, knowing all too well that Rito prefers the true route.

(Let’s not mind the lack of redraw, btw. Express translations come with a price.)

Even as Nemesis calls off the harem project publicly and despite the above picture, it seems that the original creator of the plan has no intentions of scrapping the blueprints just yet. What caused this?


And you thought Nana was still useless even after joining Yui in the Morals Committee.

This scene debunks my personal sentiment of “No one knows you better than yourself.” That’s because sometimes, you forget about the things that make you who you are, and the best people to remind you are those who have been with you for the longest of time. In the obvious case, it’s your own family who knows you as much as you do. They’ve been with you forever to know the history of your personality and mannerisms long before you’ve figured them out on your own, because, in a sense, it’s much easier to observe someone else than yourself, because the latter may give some biases.

And that’s pretty much it for the chapter. We’ve witnessed Rito’s true conviction with keeping Haruna his #1 and politely rejecting everyone else, and we’ve confirmed the weakened yet still determined passion Momo has for Rito in the form of continuing the harem project despite Rito’s personal plans. Rito wavers no more as he is set to find closure among those he’s inconvenienced. Whether that’s through his own means or Momo’s influence remains to be seen. From the outsider’s perspective, the harem plan has hit a massive roadbump, with the hype train steering to the other track: The True Route. Next month’s issue will show us whether all of Momo’s blood, sweat, tears, and other fluids pay off or rendered useless! Are you not excited? XD

It makes one wonder: What is Momo’s course of action now? Will she make the sole proprietor of Haruna Sairenji falter in the face of the other members of the harem? Will she take an indirect approach and advance the other members of the harem? I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this, but I sure as Hell am hyped with what’s to happen next chapter!

Credits to the express translations at the Mangafox forums. The chapter count might not have been updated yet, but I’m happy that I took a quick check of the thread to be able to psyche myself up to make a post. Thanks lots! I’ll see y’all in the next one! XD


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