A Troubled Recap!! To Love-Ru: Darkness Year-End Catchup

No one escapes the wheel of destiny!

Hey, everyone! Hope you had a great Christmas and a New Year’s celebration like no other! As always, we here at the NOHK Blogs look forward to bringing you guys the good stuff yet again this 2017! A week has passed since 2016 ended, and for me, that’s a good point in time to write stuff again. No more New Year’s celebrations from the folks and the group or anything to distract me from writing during my near-ending Christmas vacation. Let us witness the great power from harnessing Darkness!

To LOVE-ru Darkness is a monthly manga, so catching up to it is rather easier than those released weekly. One of my first manga posts is about Darkness, and a lot has happened since then. 2016 saw the birth of 12 chapters to continue from Rito’s questionable act of both stupidity and friendship, going against King Gid Deviluke himself to let the badly beaten Nemesis reside in the soon-to-be Harem King’s body to save this entity of pure dark matter. After the events at Haruna’s place, there seemed to be side problems that needed to be addressed, if not solved.

One of those was Rito’s “tarnished” image towards her own sister.


Another was trying to cure Rito’s “falling” disorder.


Another was Risa Momioka.


Another was Assassin Kuro.


But more importantly, the harem plan is still the main issue of concern over the course of the year, focusing on both newcomers (Risa) and long-time favorites (Yami) one by one in a patterned fashion.

We’ve had hard-striking chapters this 2016 in the form of Yami’s confession and the harem responsibility, and we’ve had the side chapters that mattered in their own right to advance the harem plan through character development, such as Run’s recent black market purchase. But in all these events, the main catalyst that drove the harem plan to a much faster tempo than original is not the plan maker, Momo, but Nemesis herself. By being inside Rito just for a few, she’s figured him out entirely.

She saved Rito’s reputation and skin.

She seized opportunities that would advance the harem plan which Rito would dodge on, giving Rito an assertive image to Risa.

And more importantly, she gave (or rather, demonstrates to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) the doubting, wavering Rito the entire reason to push through with the harem plan, and that is with one simple sentence. It’s the most striking line of them all, leading Yami’s confession by just a bit.

And since this took me a while, apparently there’s a new chapter translated already. Kudos to CXC Scans for delivering good news so early in the year! XD We’ll get to that in a bit.

Here are 5 of my favorite scenes out of all the 12 chapters of Darkness last 2016:

I do keep my decency when in public, so I’ll not post ecchi pages, sorry to say. It’s the thing I watched out for in my older posts, and I’ll continue it here.


Reverse Lucky Sukebe


Nemesis saving Rito from premature pleasure


Imouto Cockblock (because no one cockblocks you better than your imouto)


Yami’s Confession (yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <3)


The Harem Responsibility

Nemesis has become quite a striking character over the course of Darkness. From a villain who just wants to unleash Yami’s potential, her philosophy of just having fun translated into a lot of eventful happenings over the course of her stay in Earth. A powerful creature only seeks to become more powerful, and the closest she’s gotten to having more power is with the recent chapter’s events:

The “True Student Council President” emerges!


To keep my summary of the recent chapter (75) brief, I’ll try and do so in 75 words. Let’s go. XD

With Nemesis’ rise to school power, she blurts out the harem plan to the entire school. Bribery is super effective to get everyone else in Sainan High to comply with the absurdity, forcing Rito into an uncomfortable situation. Luckily, he is saved by Haruna and the two make their way to the gym storage. One-point-two-second strip FTW. And finally, after 100+ chapters of OG TLR and 75 chapters of this, we get the much-awaited confession!


I let Arisa read this chapter while we were waiting for college stuff, and he asks me, “So, with this, is TLR reaching its end already?”

TLR:D is gaining traction, and in the right direction as well, with wavering Rito always so passive that unnecessary side chapters arise (the cure to his “falling” side story took two chapters), all thanks to Nemesis (damn, the bias for Nemesis is rising quickly, as fast as she’s making TLR go. LMAO). Things are going on fast that it definitely feels like it’s reaching its climax.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) But this ship’s just started sailing! Everyone’s on board with the harem plan! All that’s left is for someone to make further moves to solidify this. Those who haven’t confessed should do so now, while those who have, well, just keep it together, I guess? There’s still a lot more than can be done in the manga, so much more that I’m gonna give TLR:Darkness prolly 2 or 3 more years before it ends.

Final thoughts on 75, though:

If Rito’s harem consists of mainly “concubines”, as Nemesis refers to them, who’s Rito’s queen? Lala or Haruna? Is this Rito’s main concern over the harem plan, making him waver about it all the time? Has fallen in the same loop Raku did with “falling in love with two people at the same time”? And is the harem plan, for Rito, just a method of apology to those he’s troubled, in the end just undermining and objectifying the feelings of the other true and unique girls of the cast?

Either way, I do love Rito’s take on love, with wanting to “monopolize” the loved. Too bad this monopoly is one-sided as Rito’s looking like he’s going to be shared by, Hell, everyone!

So much for making it short! That’s all for today! To another prosperous New Year, everyone! Credits to those due (thanks lots, CXC Scans! gj for everything! <3), and I’ll see you all in the next one!


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