HALFTIME!: Love Live! Sunshine!!

Arise, descendants of the cold. Take flight into the pedestal at the peak of the mountain. Be the prime example to the blue spring we claim ours that water is ice not yet bounded by our culture.

That might just be the most retarded intro I’ve done in years. XD (And please don’t argue with me about using “retarded” as an adjective like this. I don’t care about the offence you take.)

What up? I’m alone again, and welcome to Halftime: a segment that only appears every half  time I watch an ongoing series in a season. And as me, I don’t usually do that. Sad life. ;A; This time, we’re going for the series that’s the most obvious I’ll pick up because of a developed bias. Get ready to swab the deck  as we descend upon these little retardemons and You! Center stage, Love Live! Sunshine!!

"Oh yes." -Arisa

Not really how I wanted to start things out. Thanks, Arisa. :v

Set in Numazu City in Uchiura, Shizouka-ken (thanks, Chika, for telling me where through your chara intro LOL), the series feels like the writers agreed on something like “Let’s copy-paste the story of the original Love Live! and introduce 9 new characters while pushing their archetypes on them so forcefully!”


…is the harshest and possibly one of the truest statements you can ever say about it. A neutral watcher, I bet, must have already dropped this school-life/slice-of-life show. I’m already a big casual Love Liver. Putting this to mind shouldn’t be the sole reason to hate on the series. Despite obvious saves in animation because of flashbacks or even closely-related scenes from the same studio, sub-par character introductions, and constant mentions of μ’s (some people  forget that the  main reason why the Sunshine story exists is because of μ’s’ inspiration; don’t think about the Sunshine project per se), this show has its own charms that can keep even the most casual Type A can appreciate.

My Love Liver bias might fall here, but I can think up of three things to love about what Sunshine is turning out to be coming into the second half:

1. The Music


All right. All right. This has bias written all over it, because Love Live! is supposed to be showcasing their cute girls and their cute girls performing their music. If that sucks, the entire thing sucks. The songs are catchy and fun to sing along to, but I guess that’s also a newly-developed bias as a language learner of Japanese.

7 episodes in, and I still haven’t memorized the TV version of Aozora Jumping Heart. lol

2. The Story

Y o h a n e

Yeah, it’s lacking and super reminiscent to the original LL, which is the complete antithesis to this point, but just think about it. The only things reminiscent to the original LL are the cast themselves and the success stories they’ve imparted. They’re but inspiration to the story and are not necessarily comparison bases to the story presented to us. This is a totally different creation story of an idol group. You can actually think of it as a second season of a reality show with a different cast but more or less the same premise.

And Episode 7 gives us some sort of a combo of a new conflict and more people to draw inspiration from coming into the Love Live competition.

Saint Snow ladies and genemen

(Comparing Saint Snow as the A-RISE of Sunshine is fair because they’re another idol group coexisting with Aqours and more professional than them, even implied that they’re a top idol duo. I’d venture to say that the impact of Saint Snow on Aqours will be far greater than A-RISE for μ’s, negatively. City-girl prejudice on country-girl, probably?)

3. The Dank Memes Comedy


Let’s face it. In this day and age, you can make a dank meme out of anything, and that’s a study worth undertaking. But dank memes are only worth something if they’re funny to begin with. If you can’t create a good meme out of something, it means the source material isn’t interesting enough to those who’ve viewed the source. And this is one series where you definitely can make memes out of.  This isn’t something you’d go LMAOBox for, but it has more than enough to satisfy a Type A’s dose of lighthearted comedy. ’nuff said. Not joke!

And let’s go through all the 9 Aqours members (6+3 still this half) using only 8+15+16 (today’s date) = 39 words! Haven’t done this in a while. XD

Chika Takami:


Orange is the color of the leader, eh? Not to mention her favorite food. The genki archetype with a will similar to the OG leader. Likes to kidnap little girls and putting them into her idol group. That’s new.

You Watanabe:


Ahoy, mateys! The only one out of the nine that everyone here can agree is normal, unless you think that acting like a sailor isn’t. Famous everywhere she goes. Fashionista. Athletic. She shines even with the spotlight off her.

Riko Sakurauchi:


Ms. Otonokizaka. If Kotori x Alpaca, then Riko x Shiitake. The pianist who escaped expectations and is now finding a new outlet for her musical prowess, though not in the way she wanted to. Has inhuman jumping powers.

Hanamaru Kunikida:


What happens when you raise a child conservatively and give her an ending, zura? She becomes lost in her own world and gets left behind by the times. Not really something you’d want out of a child, zura. Zura?

Ruby Kurosawa:


When her character bio says “fearful” instead of “shy”, you begin to understand how retarded but realistic she was in the first episodes. Easy to bait, and you’d always want to because she’s super cute. She’s doing her ganba-Rubesty.

Yoshiko Tsushima:


The only thing I’m weirded out about the fallen angel is the lack of an on/off switch for her retarded side. I wonder how long until her retarded side’s no longer funny to me. Does chuunibyou work that way?

Kanan Matsuura:


Kanan, Kanan, wherefore art thou, Kanan? If there’s someone I’m expecting lots of coming into the second half, it’s you, fair Kanan. You seem nice yet utterly troubled. Sustaining yourself while still at school seems  tough. Diver suit tho.

Mari Ohara:


1/4 American, 1/4 Italian, 1/2 Japanese. Rijichou-dono because she has a lot of okaneJoe Dan. She’s passionate about the club’s success. I don’t know what’s keeping her from sanka. Can I expect washi-washi directed at the Aqours members?

Dia Kurosawa:


It only took me yesterday to figure out that her name is a shorthand for Diamond. The weird hybrid of Eli and Maki. Idol otaku like her sister, but when she tried being one and failed, she shunned everything.

And my expectations for the 2nd Half:

More memes. More Kanan. A side of me wants Saint Snow to majorly interfere with Aqours, while a side of me wants them to just be healthy rivals; an inspiration on how Aqours should be professionally. This also might end up how LL S1 ended. Either that, or they win it all like the Mary Sues they are.

That’s it for my Halftime report. Catch y’all in 6 weeks for the after-action report! Until then, I will see you in the next one because people fear the UnKnWn.

(Screenshots are from the anime, and character photos are from the Net. Either way, credits to where they’re due. And featured pic, I’m pretty sure it’s from this guy. If not, art style’s close? ;A;)



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