NOHK Talk: Q&A Nisekoi

Welcome to Part 2 of NOHK Talk on Nisekoi! Part 1 can be found juuuuuuuust right here! 😀

Without further ado, Q&A Time!

Do you think the series just took a little bit too long that it died out?

Wasn’t it dead a lot of chapters back? Oh, right…

Oh, hi, Arisa. So glad to have you join us. XD

Well for one, I’m sure the series was not canceled, so no, I don’t think it “died out”. It may be on the verge of cancellation, but the flow of the story says otherwise. It was able to proceed with its final arc smoothly. Yes, the story did sink ships along the way, but not all at once, and each closure with individual girls happened in their individual arcs, so no, I don’t think it died or was forced by Shounen Jump to end.

A possible scenario would be Komi knowing that he had borrowed time as the writing’s on the wall with the plummeting ratings. However, the nature of the series being a slice-of-life’ish comedy allowed him to immediately shift gears and start working towards the ending, which could be an explanation against my answer in the off chance that it DID get axed by Shounen Jump..


But apparently, ratings are.

It’s all about the money. Chi– Shitoge and Kosaki are selling like hotcakes, so why is it too long? It’s a RomCom, after all. Komi could insert more fillers when he wanted, actually. So when the audience, I mean the company, is getting tired of one of their publications, the author could immediately go finish his/ her work for the company, I mean for the audience.

It’s not like something like Bleach where the genre prompts the author to set up a lot of plot points and threads. For a battle shonen in a scale like Bleach, a jarring shift of pacing would be extremely evident in a forced ending. I think that particular series were forced into a rushed ending, given the amount of plot threads left to pick up that suddenly got dropped and the fact that the regular pacing of 7 or so chapters for a battle suddenly went down the drain. Kubo finished off the final battle in a span of literally less than 5 chapters.

So you’re fine with the series finishing now than sooner? 2 weeks quadrupling into 2 months, though LOL. Were there some parts in the series that you think were unnecessary?


Yes and no, well at least for me. These past few months, I felt that the progression of the chapters felt rushed, starting from Marika’s arc (this part was wayyyyy before the “2 week” end of NK). From that point, there should have been more chapters to slow down the pace of Raku finally realizing he has balls to confess, and he needs to give answers to all of the ladies in his harem. It was kinda obvious that Komi wants to finish Nisekoi (or it was axed by his editor…) and start his new work that will be released on WSJ’s October issue.


(I kinda wish they had just continued Double Arts, but oh well…)

Haru is unnecessary, and yes, I am serious about this. Yui should’ve had chapters instead of Haru. Team Yui anyone? No? Why? Yes, because Haru.


When Yui was introduced in the series after Haru, I kinda imagined, “What if Haru wasn’t introduced at all?” It would probably give Yui-nee more screen time and the pages she rightfully deserves as one of the Promised Girls (Even though the Promise didn’t matter at the end, ‘cause you know… Some stuff like I live in the present and I should deeply cherish it.)

Even if Yui-nee won’t get pages to improve her character in detail, at least it would give time for Komi- sensei to give more depth and time to deal with the girls that Raku is supposed to reject (And probably more time to give Shuu and Ruri more pages, come on!)

I have nothing against Haru, BTW.

13957523_1309183325773603_15203098_n     14011867_1309193342439268_5865423_n

Tsugumi chapters are definitely necessary, come on!

To be honest, I would have been more disappointed if the reported 2 week countdown turned out to be true. What that would mean is that the story would have been rushed to hell. From the point where I put that blog post up, Chitoge had just arrived, and everyone just started mobilizing towards the location of the climax. Assuming a 2 week deadline, we would have the very next chapter end with everyone finding each other, and possibly a cliffhanger, then an ending on the plateau for the finale.

Due to it quadrupling into 2 months, we got

  1. the much-needed closure with Marika’s role in the story
  2. the flashback which concluded on the mystery of the promised girl
  3. an epilogue for Claude and Tsugumi’s roles in the plot
  4. Shuu x Ruri yeaaaaahh

As for the filler chapters, I guess it is arguable that there are some “useless” chapters. However, I feel that if anything, what Komi needed to do back then was cut down on characters in the first place. A quartet of Raku, Chitoge, Kosaki, and Tsugumi, plus the two supporting classmates would have worked on their own. They had a pretty fun dynamic, and the plot could have moved along more smoothly instead of putting out “filler” because Komi had to… develop Haru or someone else just to somehow give the idea that this new side character is important.



Of course, if you come up with a character that’s not a one-shot literal sideliner, the fans expect a backstory or at least development of some sort, so in this case, I think some fillers were “necessary” in a sense that doing the opposite would bring about something similar as the Bleach dilemma where Kubo had created at least TWENTY-SIX new villains in the final arc alone, and half of them were literally only known by name and powers. It was such a shame too, as a lot of them had a cool design or had piqued the interest of a lot of readers.

Sorry if I keep going back to Bleach, but that’s the WSJ manga that I can compare with Nisekoi due to them ending close to each other and the similar amount of time I had committed to reading both series.

I actually liked the comparison. Not only is it timely, it’s a fit despite the swing in genre. That just goes to show how series of different genres can actually be alike. And Shuu x Ruri. That would definitely make a good story on its own. Me and Arisa actually have a running  joke that Nisekoi was over when Ruri confessed. XD

And it was, wasn’t it? Nisekoi is only around 8- 10 chapters, after all.

Any questions?

I didn’t mean that Bleach and Nisekoi are alike, but I’m using Bleach as a way to illustrate what fate could await Komi if he did the opposite of some of his decisions while writing Nisekoi. However, he could escape a lot of problems, because like I said, it’s a totally different genre. Komi did not have to invent powers, put a lot of flashbacks, tie that much threads together, create a world as big in scale, deal with an ever-increasing power creep in his characters’ abilities, and a lot of problems that plagued the long-running action WSJ manga.

Sounds ominous. Guess that’s why I have a hard time following the action-y titles.

Each to his own I guess. I mean, it’s painfully clear that I love chuuni shit and complicated magical powers, especially if the cast has a lot of cute girls in it and the main character has an aura of coolness (LN fan, after all). Come to think of it, the character designs and the coolness factor is probably why I ended up being such a fan of Bleach in the first place. Before I got introduced to these LN adaptations like Mahouka, it was the first show I watched that featured a lot of fights, action, cool powers, and most of all, a hero that’s not a happy-go-lucky idiot that’s always hungry. Man, I hate that stereotype for a main character.

I guess I’ll stop for now, we’re slowly derailing.


Sasuga, Onii- sama! :>

Haha, well, that’s it for this segment, I guess. It has been a wild ride, and sure enough, Nisekoi would probably be one of those semi-popular series that people will remember, despite any concerns regarding its length and quality. Come to think about it, it’s one of the more successful Jump series that found its place at the borderline between a true mainstream manga and a niche one. In any case, it has been a success in its own right and we extend some congratulations to Naoshi Komi for his work and effort in this series.

Props and congrats to Komi Naoshi-sensei. All I have left to say is good luck with the next work! XD

(Ask Arisa for dank edits, Arisa delivers. topkek)

(The only thing we scoured and pasted from the depths are the manga pages and the featured image. XD)

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