CAFFEINE HIGH! Passing it Off Series: Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu Ka?

So, yay. I’ve shifted. No more angst about Computer Science. The only things that concern me involve my productivity. Being a Steam boy screws you up somehow.

But at least I’ve set my priorities straight this summer break, and praise the gods that I’ve been able to watch anime again!!! \o/

Welcome back! It’s Percy again with another Passing it Off Series featuring your dose of sweet (and mostly bitter) moé, GochuUsa!

(Disclaimer on pics: when you see them on the top searches, they’re not mine. Credits to the first bloggers or tweeters for that matter. 😀 That’s how lazy I am. :v)

I don’t think I need to explain why I passed it off anymore. I think it’s better to explain why I picked watching this over thousands in my backlog. 2 main reasons: kouhai and Weiss Schwarz, and they, more or less, go hand in hand. Out of all the other anime I could actually start, it had to be this slice-of-life series about a girl living with a host family for high school and eventually working for their coffee shop as a means of being “useful” for the host family (sounds so wrong, but JP culture? yay). It’s a cute anime, and this certain kouhai of ours at the NOHK just pushed me dozens of times to drown in the coffee (and don’t even get me started on GochuUsa’s release to JP Weiss Schwarz this coming August, and this watch made the peeps here think I might get this as my first JP WS deck). XD

I'm sorry for being so terrible.

Also part of the memorable 3 for S2.

And instead of making two posts for the same series, I decided to pass this post off until I watched the second season, which I was equally impressed with, to note. XD

Let’s keep this short. Some quick thoughts and highlights:

The setting is old. Reminiscent of the post-apocalyptic setting of Sora no Woto, or a Renaissance era type of city, or even a certain map in World of Tanks. Either way, it looks like in the middle of nowhere, outside Japan and supposedly their culture(?). Thinking about it, though, when a nation creates a work of art, their culture never gets left out when it is created.

And at that moment, Percy does his research. Check out this link to Infinite Zenith. Too basic not to share.

I was gonna say this could be somewhere in Britain because trains, but this proved I suck with specific geography.

Obsession with rabbits in this small town makes me ask, “Where the Hell are the other animals? And how did they get turkey on Christmas if there were only rabbits in the town?” Crows ex machina don’t count.


And don’t get me started on Tippy.

I’m also probably at the stage of Japanese fluency to determine politeness in speech. That doesn’t sound high, though, to be honest, but I’ll take it? Well, understanding what Chino is saying feels good because fluency basis. 😀

And it looks like I now see what slice-of-life doesn’t show the viewer who doesn’t care about itty-bitty details. Out of sight, out of mind. If you notice problems of the characters as viewers, if they don’t surface in the context of the story, you shouldn’t care about them anymore. And story? The lack of one is also reminiscent to the type of light and casual series I read and/or watch. When I learned this was adapted from a 4-koma, it further solidified the slice-of-life “story” of what happens everyday. Not to mention I want to read the manga now. XD

Infer, and you get my point

All of the characters are lovable. All of them. No one negatively stood out in the series. There was no episode that I found mediocre, as every episode had its bits of surprises in them, just like daily life. Just wanted to add how Syaro’s voice became a memorable thing to me, just like Tomoki’s laugh and the Yoshi death sound. Syaro too good of a tsukkomi, js. LOL

The BGMs used was alright, except for the suspense BGM, which was just spamming one note every second. I’m not a fan of that kind of BGM. At least it made up for the memorable OP and EDs.

No words. Just cute.

ときめきポポロン♪. No questions asked.

Here are my three most memorable episodes for both seasons:

For S1:

Episode 5 – Cocoa and Murderous Intent without Malice

Any itty-bitty ounce of sports in moé is memorable enough for me. It’s fun seeing people play around. It makes you want to join whatever game that is. I’d like to believe I lean more to that kind of gamer. The one who’s not limited to video games, but anything that smells game. I also relate to the weeb moments when playing sports. Patriot Serve too good. I’ll use that next time I go badminton. And Father’s Day ep. The things we do for our dads. Awwwwwww. ❤ Not to mention a lot of Rize fanservice this ep.

Ep 5 - Cocoa and Murderous Intent Without Malice

And Chino here completely knows how I feel when I play Weapon Warrior on ladder.

Episode 7 – Call Me Sister

WELCOME COME ON. And I cracked up even more when I rewatched it. I learned that Cocoa used hiragana to write that. If that’s not a great combination of words for an ad, I don’t know what is. Sibling fight, too. XD This is also the episode which debunks Syaro’s ojou-sama lifestyle image. From thereon out, the binbou jokes began. Though, Rize’s not exploited fear of bugs was briefly shown. This didn’t even even out Syaro and Rize. Senpai-kouhai gap still too strong.

Ep 7 - Call Me Sister

うえるかむ かもーん~~

Episode 10 – The Anti-Sister Battle Corps, Also Known as the Chimame Corps

The Chiya-Cocoa combo is ever so fun to watch. It’s an awesome feeling to be in sync with someone, unexpectedly or otherwise. And it doesn’t have to be the romantic sync, too! It’s the reassuring feeling of like-mindedness that tells you there’s someone just like you despite the call for uniqueness and individuality, which can get lonely most of the time. We also get to see Chino be Cocoa-sick and have fun with her friends with the guidance of Rize. This is also the second swimsuit episode in one season. Hooray. XD

Ep 10 - The Anti-Sister Battle Corps, Also Known As the Chimame Corps


For S2:

Ep 3 – The Legendary Twirl Dancing Duck Squad

Half of the episode was dedicated to Megu, the seemingly most normal of them all. Being a ballerina, this episode showed that Megu has a graceful charm that compensates from her usually over-the-top voice. Ballet intrigues me, as one who can never enter said realm. Maybe because I’m a guy? Who knows?

Ep 3 - The Legendary Twirl Dancing Duck Squad

hawoaowaowaowaoaowaowa hngg (this is what made it even more memorable)

Ep 5-6 – “Leave it to Your Big Sister!” episodes

Because the interaction between Mocha and everyone else is super awesome special to me, I feel that it’s supposed to be a thing to highlight everything about the arc. Best described below:

Ep 5 (1) Ep 5 (2)

Ep 5 Ep 6 (1)

Ep 6 (2) Ep 6 (3)

Ep 6 (4) Ep 6

Final words on the series: 9/10, would regretting finding material of it again. Time to read the manga.

That was apparently a mouthful, so thanks so much for dropping by! Hope the productivity train takes speed from here on out. I will see you in the next one because people fear the UnKnWn.

Pretty sure I screwed the closer up, so here’s some HOT COCOA. (Thanks to Infinite Zenith again for a new profile picture for me and the info earlier. Time to introduce myself yay.) I don't even know how to credit anymore.


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