What a way to be back…

And what a way to go out…

It’s chapters like these that make me want to assess the realism from these sorts of psychological tendencies…

Christmas break, thanks for being here, so that I blog again without worries. Now, let us make haste. To the hype I’ve solely kept up with! TTwTT

Hello, everyone! It’s P3rcY again (and yes, this is now my official shorthand handle name. You won’t believe how many people spell the longer one wrongly). I’ve had a good semester, and now it’s time to follow through the epicness with a combo of gaming, anime, manga, and everything in between the life of an 18-year-old introverted college student, with the help of my currently only haven of creative and analytical outputs, the blog! (wow that was a really long sentence LOL)

It’s been weeks since anything here. A whole arc centered around Marika just finished roughly a month ago, and I completely wanted to discuss that. It was the closest thing we had to actual action in this damn series!

Seriously missing to review this. Heart-clenching. <3

Well, that happened, nonetheless, and we’re left with 4 chapters of aftermath to work with. This all centered around Raku trying to think about what his true feelings are.

Let’s all admit. Even though nobody knows us better than ourselves, there are just some things about ourselves that remain an enigma, no matter how much time you take to think about it. There are things that pique our curiosity, and no matter how much we pick at it, we just can’t find the answers that we’re looking for.


…but when we do…


…we find them during the most unexpected times in our lives.



…why didn’t I expect this? Why did I stay loyal to the ship that looked good at the start then began to suck at the end? This is associative to my gameplay with non-turn-based games. I start off good the early game and suddenly die down by mid or late game. Whichever time it happens, it happens nonetheless. And how can you deny Kosaki’s godly cuteness? :v XD

If you look at it closely, how many times have girls who like the main guy and vice versa have won the war we like to call “love”? There has to be a trope for this. Let me search for it a bit.

OMG HERE IT IS! The Twice Shy trope! How many Twice Shy tropes have been successfully transformed into a relationship made in heaven? From the TVTropes site, I am only familiar with the Tsubasa Chronicles one with Sakura and Shaoran, and I do not accept the NaruHina example. It was evident at the start of the series that Naruto initially liked Sakura, but since the series has come a long way and I haven’t followed it through the end yet, I cannot say any further. Although, the given example from the site was just from The Last movie, it’s not enough since the Twice Shy trope has to be evident at the beginning of the series. In my opinion, it does not count if one of the two just started to develop feelings for the other while the other has feelings for the one ever since the start.

NaruHina is Canon (because rly)

Okay, enough with that. I’m not even analyzing Raku over here. This was the main reason for the post! :v

Anyway, I remember a friend of mine telling me that I hold principles in life as if they were conjectures, but they make me a principled guy nonetheless (she’s a real special friend, so I know this holds true as far as we’re concerned. LOL). I only work on inference, though, not on professional opinions. I’m a distressed computer scientist, not a psychologist. Why am I telling you this? Because I want to put a disclaimer that whatever deep stuff I’m spouting all over this blog post is purely inference. It’s not something to be taken seriously, but serious enough to consider contemplating on it. XD

When one thinks about it, the outcome of Nisekoi shouldn’t have come as a shock. From the wise words of the God of Conquests, Keima Katsuragi, “Repetitive encounters are needed for a successful outcome.” (from Chapter 1). How many times has Chitoge been doing various non-suggestive things with Raku? Significantly more than Kosaki! Especially since they’ve been faking that they’re lovers. They have to go on dates frequently so no one gets suspicious about the fake relationship.

And speaking of this fake relationship, Kami-sama also said, “For two people who are too far apart, secrets can be a super glue!” (from Chapter 4). 199 chapters of faking the relationship has kept them together more than they think they are.


In short, being together constantly while keeping a huge secret together altogether has completely set the stage for what is happening now. The inevitable epiphany that is the unknown entity, which is true love for the “significant other”. They know each other like the back of their hands, that even trivial things like Raku going through a soda phase (i.e wanting to drink canned soda instead of tea) are things Chitoge should know.

When Shuu said that Raku was in love with both Kosaki and Chitoge at the same time (see Nisekoi 196), I laughed for a bit, but when I thought about it, it’s impossible! Maybe it’s possible, but as a monogamist, it’s not! XD

The quote from before has resurfaced. “If you’re in love with two people, choose the second one. Because if you truly loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.”

(On a side note, Rito and his dilemma with Lala and Haruna are a completely different issue, which could be tackled some other time. XD)

From experience, (and no, not the “in love with two persons” biz) you get the feeling of specialness when you continuously interact with someone, most especially with someone of the opposite sex. The impact doubles when you’re not the interactive type as well. The interaction could be about anything, from small talk to really personal things. As long as there’s the continuous interaction, the feeling should be there.

Seriously, Renegade and his Inaba spoilers...

When Raku mentioned the Chitoge was a “best friend” to him, it was the beginning of something huge. Think about it this way: Has he ever told Kosaki how special she is to him apart from being a friend? (Actually, I think he has, but I don’t remember if he did.) Chitoge gained a huge lead into Raku’s heart by being up as a “best friend”, while others like Kosaki and Marika are still “friends” for him. Also, think of Raku’s crush on Kosaki as a badge. The “crush” badge has a significant boost in the rankings, but only among people on the same level as her. This has no effect on the rankings against Chitoge. (omg why am I making this sound like a game. I hope you get the analogy. XD)

Ship is not Kill

Raku’s state of confusion is a trifling thing to analyze, and I don’t have space for that. But if I must, trying to affirm something is a hint of losing faith in it. Instead of fully analyzing the situation, one jumps to conclusions to it, making the affirmation sound desperate. A closed mind is a mind slowly destroying itself with falsehood and a deranged concept of the truth. Raku always saying to himself that “I like Onodera!” is obviously absolute denial of liking anybody else. This form of affirmation may be reassuring for himself, but in reality, it’s destroying that concept itself because it’s a jumped-to conclusion.

Okay, enough about that. I used up too much brain power today. LOL

Long story short, GGWP, #TeamChitoge , I’ve conceded many chapters ago, but True Love (Chapter 199) was the killing blow for the ship.


Creds to the pics’ owners, along with FastScans for taking this project after RHS dieded. RIP in peace, RHS. TTwTT

As usual, I will see you peeps in the next one, because people fear the UnKnWn.

Too much Miki will most likely kill you.


3 thoughts on “THE DECLARATION OF SURRENDER (Nisekoi HUGE UPDATE WTF [199 analysis])

  1. Oh, God. I can’t even remember where I left off with the series. *Blames the exams* I need to get back to it and see what happened and HOW. I’m so curious about that back-story of Raku’s childhood. I wonder if that puzzle is gonna get solved. (Hope so.)
    So, from your post I get the idea that Team Chitoge wins? (I so expected that, though I so badly wanted a plot twist. Guess it ain’t happening.)

    • A lot crazy stuff happened already. A lot of crazy stuff is also going on at the moment. When I wrote that, I just came to the conclusion that even though Chitoge hasn’t won already (because the story isn’t finished yet), Kosaki stands little chance to actually ending up with Raku. Hope you catch up soon. :>

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