UnKnWn Dilemmas: Not Shifting!?, Electronic Hiatus, Classes Already??



Ugh. I’m tired of having to do this. Posting something irrelevant to the blog, that is.

Well, I think I’ve gotten the tempo from a different rant to actually get this one started. :v

But when laziness strikes like a hard bastard, you’ll forget what day it is, and the post will start to get irrelevant over time. Anyway, here I am. Back with yet another reason for weeks of non-posting… Still wishing for some activity over here in this li’l blog of ours. My spam of posts feels like I post too often yet I don’t consistently go around other blogs and meet new friends along the way. And the lack of variety of authors constantly posting makes it feel like it’s only my blog, and not a group blog.

I’ve realized some things along my week-and-a-half of an electronic hiatus. If ever that meant nothing, I basically stayed away from everything that has to do with the Internet for over a week and a half for contemplation reasons. I used that time to also open my recently-bought Love Live! DX box which contained the Eli SP I traded for playsets of Rin cards. The bias is real. XD

Anyway, I also got into writing again. If it all took just an absence of Internet to jumpstart my writing, then, I gotta get out of the city once in a while. XD Ugh, the transitioning. How do I continue this post? 😐

Okay, focus, Percy. Focus. Aside from a new closer I’ll brandish later, I’ve started to consider a Writing section for this blog. GMZ made a one-shot for me on the spot during a random visit. I made my own version of it, but even after the course of the electronic hiatus (which ended 2 weeks ago prior to this post) and even during my hunt for classes (which, believe me, was the worst thing that has ever to happen to my college life, ever), I haven’t finished it. Basically, it’s a story of me being able to summon anime characters from their Weiss Schwarz cards. The TCG Summoner, if you will. XD


I just finished my first week of classes last Monday. Sad news for me is that I haven’t shifted out of Computer Science yet… Missed the cut-off grade by 0.095. You have got to be kidding me, right? :O So, the goal becomes: This school year, take my required classes, ComSci or not, and calibrate my grade to be fit for shifting. I used up my entire week finding classes. It was a complete pain in the butt. I traveled far and wide just to find a teacher who’ll accept me in their class. It’s the university’s system’s fault. I’ll just leave it at that. I almost lost hope on the last day of searching, only to be able to get the classes I needed to get the minimum units. I’m sooo indebted to my former Comm 3 classmate. Much love for ya’! ❤

And with the electronic hiatus, I’ve gathered my thoughts and decided on a personal goal. We all want to do what we desire in our lives, whether it’s finding the person of your dreams or becoming a billionaire. But I’ve realized that you won’t be able to do that when you’re still tied down to your natural responsibilities in life. YouTube sensations like PewDiePie, Vanoss, and Mini Ladd, along with Hearthstone professional players like Amaz, Trump, and Kolento do whatever they specialize in as a living. No one is pulling them down or getting them to do something else while they’re “working”. They’re gaming either alone or with a person who willingly helps them with everything; from my inference and observation, that’s with their girlfriend/wife.


So, with that, I want to say that I’d be writing for the blog less frequently now. I won’t be a source for updates on my most recent hyped things, but I will put that in a probably bi-weekly consolidation. I won’t be doing streams nor would I put blog stuff other than written posts. I’ll get through college first, get my own life, and start there. That’s my life’s plan as of today. Well, I decided that during the hiatus, but you get the idea.

To everyone in the blog, followers and writers, thank you so much for your epic support for this blog. I promise a revolutionary overhaul for this little project of ours once my plan pulls forward. So, until then, I will see you guys in the next one, because remember, People fear the UnKnWn!

You can count on me from now on! XD

Awww yeah a better closer! XD XD XD Creds to the pics’ owners! You guys are the best! XD

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