MOVEMENT! Nisekoi Chapter 177 + Bonuses

People have looked for this, and I have to feel sorry for myself that I haven’t updated this series at all over the course of, like, ever. So, here it is.


I’m pretty sure I explained myself over some of my rants in this blog about not posting moar Nisekoi, but a few reasons aside from laziness and college life put the reviews on hold for, like, ever.

To be honest, Nisekoi is the only manga series at the moment I’m reading. Ever since the end of TWGOK, I’ve been feeling quite empty, and somewhat Nisekoi was filling that weekly mood I have, like waiting for a manga series to update at a certain date a week. Nisekoi, thanks to Red Hawk Scans, gets updated either Friday or Saturday. I haven’t been able to update myself with the other manga series because my cellphone, where I read manga on, can’t update for nothing. I have to take the time to read on Kurocchi as well if I am to update myself with other titles like Upotte! and To Love-ru Darkness.

But aside that perfectly contradicting reason, I haven’t updated Nisekoi here because the story never even moved. Sure, we got pretty much more fan-service in the light of shipping the girls (#TeamOnodera and that Christmas scene, #TeamChitoge and that whole transferring back scene, and #TeamMarika and that island kidnap scene), but aside from that, we pretty much learn nothing new. Best I have to say is that we learn of Marika’s worsening, worsening illness. Pretty worry-inducing, if you ask me.

Seriously. Cutest pair of sisters. EVER. Hands down.

I don’t want to instill a Kosaki bias in this blog since there is this certain member that’s my exact opposite, also an okay reason if you ask me.

Well, I think that’s with the excuses, so let’s head on to 177!

Now That I Think About It.

Hmmm… Well, as far as I remember titles for Nisekoi chapters, they’re always mentioned within the chapter, like how titles of songs are part of the lyrics. Now that I think about it, that has to be the easiest way to create a title for your weekly releases in case you’re one who has trouble with lyrics. XD

So, we start off where the previous chapter left off. Do I need another post for that? Oh, wait. That’s for the bonus later. Nevermind.

Whatever happens during a party, you only see the front of it. Behind the scenes, no one knows of a great deal that Yui-nee has to face. Seriously, being a Don (a Donna?) is no trifling feat. Ie-chan defines it well on her second sentence. I can’t pick any better words to describe the life of a female leader of a freakin’ huge association.

The deadline though. Too short. Obviously, arranged marriages never go well. Never. Unless, well, the arranged marriage is between two people who know each other very well and agree wholly because of love and nothing else. There is absolutely no reason for Yui-nee to give in to the absurd, selfish yet selfless request of Ie-chan, so we will see a whole week of Yui-nee trying to get through this situation.

Well, at the least we’ll see 3 important days. I think this all happened in a single day, though.

At this part, we see what’s bugging Yui-nee’s mind. Last chapter’s events + friendship bonds sentimentality = exactly that, to put it simply.

Say't lyk 'tis, Marika!

Then we get a plot device. Man, thankfully, Marika was there to overhear the problem-filled conversation, and we see through here that she doesn’t really hate Yui-nee as much as is expected. Telling Yui-nee out like this in her original accent truly shows that hint of caring for Yui-nee.

Basically, “Don’t keep your problem to yourself.”

And the last pages showed what the title meant. Girls’ hearts’ are that fragile because one measly thing such as an indirect kiss between her and Raku led to confusion and disarray over at Yui-nee’s mind.

With that, a crazy casual opener from Yui-nee to Raku when she got home and our dense bro greeted him at the doorstep.




But isn’t it too casual? Her build-up is all too sudden. Does she have plans of telling her situation to Raku, hoping he’ll understand? Or will she leave the thing out and just go with the standard rules of confession??

The more important question, though!

Does Raku know what to do in this situation? Will he still keep his dense shell there, or will he answer like a man and accept(?)/reject(!!!) her?


Will something crazy show up to completely nullify this confession?

Whatever the outcome may be, we have another week to wait. Author Komi Naoshi suddenly contracted an illness. Please read here.

And now for a quick recap of what I missed reviewing over the course of probably a year or a half:

I’ll use today’s date (7/10/15) (which by the way is my birthday) to set a 32-word limit on the recap per chapter!

Chapter 128 (Connect): Back with the Kings game, Haru and her gang show up. Fuu-chan second-best wingman! Haru just too cute! Every other girl at this time is scared of Yui-nee being alone with Raku.

Chapter 129 (Cold): Marika’s hard-to-get cold-shoulder strategy. Because girls still follow advice from dating magazines… How old-school can Marika get? Either way, it’s a failure. She endured pain but get nothing at all through that.

Chapter 130 (Interview): Kiki Mimiko. The mob character Komi Naoshi adds in his bonus pages makes an appearance for her crazy interview of Bonyari’s biggest power couple. Pseudo-Mary-Sue character pressures the two! Best. Censorship. Ever…

Chapter 131 (Plan): Another of Haru’s wingman attempts to her sister. During the festival, of all times. It’s a huge success, but she feels sad!!! Too cute!! Now, trouble for her because beauty contest time!!!

Chapter 132 (Beauty Pageant):  Operation “Eliminate yourself in the preliminaries.” is a failure!! Notables like Marika and Paula were not picked. Only 5 moved on, 4 irrelevants and Haru. But fate pits Haru with her sister!!!!

Chapter 133 (One on One): How cruel fate is to have to battle your own kin for one guy. If only that were the case! 1v1 Kosaki vs Haru! Tiebreaker, though! Kosaki in seifuku, Haru tho??

I could not contain

Chapter 134 (Choice): A WEDDING DRESS!!! Christ, I forgot about it, and here I am HYPING ABOUT IT ALLLLLLLL OVER AGAIN!!! Sincerity with telling she has a crush won her the match!! Bonfire dance tho.

Chapter 135 (Singing Voice): Yui-nee taking over some crazy teacher roles. Now Music!! But by the Light is she tone-deaf or what? Marika helps to no avail, but Tsugumi and losing her voice solved the problem!!

Chapter 136 (Identical): “Every person has two look-alikes in the world.” Basically this and a crazy situation with Chitoge, Raku, and Princess Maruusha lu Vieh Nonbeeri. The ol’ role-swap gave the Princess a good time!

Chapter 137 (I’m Glad): As Princess Maruusha learns more about Japan, we learn more about her! About her mother and what she told her about Japan, her mafia fanatics, and her growing crush on dear Raku!

Chapter 138 (Great Luck): Raku said something pretty much detailed about Maruusha! They visit the Onodera sweet shop, and Maruusha noticed something sweeter than the sweets she just tasted. That proper goodbye, though. First kiss shown!!!!

Chapter 139 (Speech): Just some clean-up aftermath stuff of the previous chapter over here. Raku seeing through Chitoge’s disguise is not too surprising. “We’ve been together long enough to know that.” “Riding a roller coaster.”

Chapter 140 (Slumber): It’s that “weird device from Claude” Tsugumi chapter yet again! After so long! A sleep perfume that can only be reverted through a kiss. Raku values anti-kiss-stealing, gets affected, almost Tsugumi kiss!!!

Chapter 141 (Sincere): Really, Nisekoi should be a story of Ruri and Shuu. Their story has to be far greater than the main one currently. Kouhai confession help plus Ruri and the meaning of love.

Chapter 142 (Animal): Marika signed her last will and testament here already? This doesn’t look good, though, even if it’s just to conquer her fear of animals to get closer to Raku. Dat hamster tho.

Chapter 143 (Work): Nanako Onodera. It’s a nice thing I remember that name now. So epic when mothers set up dates for their daughters, even if it’s a hot spring job plus tag team cooking/decor.

Chapter 144 (Staying the Night): More set-up from the mother! The two shall sleep together in a room! But mixed bath shenanigans tho! Some first love late realizations, unanswered questions, and a sleepless couple journey back home.

Chapter 145 (Athletics): Nothing is more fun than an athletic festival during fall!! But it would be too boring without Shuu’s antics! Crazy three-legged race, provocative donut-eating contest, and “A person you like” borrowing contest!

Chapter 146 (Perfect): Yui-nee. The Don of the Char Siu group who can do almost anything! She likes being a use to other people, so it seems, but that perfect body can eventually break down.

Chapter 147 (Yui-nee): Ie-chan is a dude? WHAT. Anyway, this li’l ninja explained to Raku so bluntly how Yui-nee was alone all her life and is overworking herself to dispel that gaping feeling of loneliness.

Chapter 148 (Successor): Ie-chan is so much more forceful than Ruri, Nanako, or even Shuu! His antics of getting Yui-nee and Raku together. Don’t even get me started on it! Just because Yui-nee became revitalized…

Chapter 149 (Ojou): We have some lingering sentiments from the previous chapter, translated into Seishirou Tsugumi. She may have no real family, but she found it in Chitoge, who gave her everything. Tsugumi’s sentiments tho.

With that, though, I’ll have to cut it short. That has to be enough. Screw part 2s, but you’d make one, too, if you’re as lazy as me. A birthday well-spent, though. Addendums, though. So much inbound. So, until the next one, may the fun and the luck, be afu! And, uh, happy birthday to me?

As always, creds to Red Hawk Scans for taking Nisekoi as their projects!!! XD

Again with the other pics. Creds to their owners! Without them, the blog would be just another piece of huge text.

Too much Miki will most likely kill you.

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