Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks Wave 1 Collection ~ Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Kung Lao

Hello World!

I have not been posting anything in such a long time, had to concentrate on college work and hardcore videogame grinding, and this paper folding hobby that I picked up a few months ago.

Anyways here we are with another figure review by yours truly. The Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks Wave 1 figure collection (or series? U dunno what its really called), was something I got in my mid grade school days. At the time I was only after Scorpion, but I could not buy him alone, I had to buy the set. I’ll have to admit, even if I wasn’t really after the three others, I must say its really worth it because these figures are no longer being produced, and I’ve seen the price difference now and compared to back then.

Now to the real figure review, these guys have around 16-18 points of articulation, while they can move around and pose a little bit, the movement range is nothing really exciting, the joints are okay enough to hold on their own, but with movement and time they will loosen. The weapons are pretty much the same stuff used in the game, the axe, the large sword and the Soul Swords (the green ones) look great, the best parts are Scorpion’s spear and Kung Lao’s hat.

It doesn’t come with a string or anything but I easily fixed that with some flexible wire and an old jewelry chain, and now it looks like the authentic spear that Scorpion throws. Kung Lao’s hat comes with a chin strap that I unintentionally broke back in grade school, I never really bothered to fix it, even now. Why you may ask, well it may look nice when Kung Lao wears it, but it wouldn’t look as nice dangling out when he throws it to slice some hapless opponent from afar.

Scorpion in my opinion is the best part of this collection, simply because he is my favorite character and he comes with some of the best accessories including a diamond shattering axe (In the game you have to shatter two diamonds that act as magical gate locks) and his iconic spear which is basically a kunai with a rope or chain tied to its end, that acts like a harpoon. The thingy in front of his legs (Sorry I really don’t know what you call it) is made of flexible plastic so it won’t really get in the way of posing, same goes with Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero is the 2nd best here, his translucent icy blue arms are made of another kind of plastic, I’m not familiar with what it’s called but it has a different feel that the other painted plastic does not have. He comes with a big sword which is my favorite weapon in the game, it’s slow but it deals a lot of damage, and it has a devastating 3 hit combo if all the hits are timed right and they connect. And he’s got Kabal’s hookswords. the hookswords are great, but sadly a one-time use weapon. You get them in the game by rescuing Kabal from the Wastelands, then you get to see what he looked like before he wore the respirator mask, then he gives you his hookswords.

Liu Kang is okay, and by that I mean he’s fine but still has a few shortcomings. The his hair restricts head movement to only a few degrees. But to make up for that he comes with one of the awesome Soul Swords, and a pair of sai that you never get to use in the game, you only see Mileena using them on you. One thing about the sai though, the tips are thin, they bend a lot like flexible plastic but they don’t break as easily, now I appreciate durability, but when I do photoshoots with some slightly bent sai, it would look like as if it’s an almost broken weapon.

Kung Lao has the best articulation, while the rest of the crew have 16 points, he gets 18 thanks to his special knee joint (See the photo below) that let’s him move his shin back 90 degrees, unlike the others who don’t have the same range of movement. He comes with his trademark pizza cutter of a hat (Or buzz saw, whatever you feel like calling it) and the the kama which look like mini scythes, and the bigger of the two Soul Swords (Both are used to finish off somebody in the usual spectacular gruesome fashion typical of Mortal Kombat, no spoiling on who it is even if the game is old.)

This concludes my figure review, I’ll be making more soon in the days to come.



















FATALITY! The ripped out spine does not come with the figure, that’s something I borrowed from the Predator figure I have.










Scorpion’s right hand is forever stuck with his thumb up, as if congratulating your wise decision of buying a Scorpion figure.

The spear does not come with the chain, that’s something I improvised.


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