UnKnWn Dilemmas: Creative Writing!? The Lazy Struggle. College Life.

Hey, I’m putting up my end over here. Time to hear me out. hahahahaha

One step against laziness at a time…

When I posted my most recent relevant post in the blog, it was way early in my second semester of my first year of college. I thought I would be able to continue the post because of the hype, but other things went my way as I become way lazy to do anything related to it. I was either casually playing this mobile game I have yet to talk about, Hearthstone, or something so boring that even if it had in-game achievements in it, it won’t be worth a damn dime, or I was wandering around the house aimlessly doing nothing because our freaking Internet is always being hidden (take note: hidden, as in a completely nice fellow in our house hides the cord connecting the router to a power outlet). Fortunately, I found safety and solace in my department’s WiFi, albeit public. Also to my favor, the folks here became lenient about the whole ordeal, and Internet access is easily accessible again. What a waste of my time.


My mind went on to be amazed about the world of Creative Writing, as presented to me by my epic professor. An old man he may be, but wisdom comes with age as I learn lots about what I need in order to be able to become an effective creative writer.

But I’m a computer scientist! What good do I need of Creative Writing when I write code? Honestly, I don’t care about that! Hell, ever since the events of last semester, I’ve had the slight urge to shift out of the course and move into either Linguistics (for the language part of it) or Creative Writing (because fanfiction). And speaking of fanfics, the class I’m taking is currently unconsciously helping my fanfic writing, a good reason why I love the class in the first place, though I have yet to continue to write that fanfic of mine. Hell’s Power Outage… Brings back some memories…

Creative Writing. Yui only into lyric writing.

As a project, I need to pass a portfolio containing 7 poems and a short story. When my professor asked the class about how our stories are going one-by-one, I had to “impress” him, so to say. To note, he started his class off by giving the class an impression that talking about sex openly isn’t something to be frowned upon, as he cracks a lot of sexual jokes, which I don’t find all that demeaning to anyone in the class. Rather, they were outright hilarious. This whole “liberalism”, as I’d like to call, is a value I’ve come to appreciate after reading GE – Good Ending. When it was my turn to tell what my story would be about, I told him it would be a story about “forbidden love”. He follows up asking what kind of forbidden love story, singling out options. “Forbidden love? Something like gay love, or…” When he mentioned that, I had to say it, but hey, it’s not gay love. Rather, it’s the other form of homosexual love affairs. “The purest form of love”, as they say.

Sono-Hana hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


I said that.

In front of the whole class.

With a straight face while crossing my legs.

Well, to say one thing: He’s looking forward for it.

He do notes, though, that the point of view of story will propel the story into a direction different than if you tell the story from another point of view. Under discipleship of ruo (yes, if there’s any better person to consult about yuri, it’s him. HAHAAHAHAH), I’ve learned that in yuri, the point of view of the story is usually told in either the senpai or the kouhai. In other terms, to borrow the jargon of BL fans, it’s either the point of view of the seme or the uke. Don’t know the terms? Look it up and see the magic. hahahaha

Such is Yuri. hahaha

I then thought, “What if I told it from some other point of view?” A part of my mind is telling me that that would ruin the pureness or innocence of the love (wow rly? haha), but another part is telling me that it’s fine. So, I finally decided that the story will be told from a guy’s point of view. The guy likes a girl, but then discovers that the girl is also into girls. Still working on a good conflict, though.

Moar Yuru Yuri!! I need to finish this already. hahaha

This endeavor of mine sounds amazing! But have I done anything to start this project? My professor always says that if you are to write about something that isn’t based on experience, research on the topic. When I told about this project to ruo, I immediately opened the conversation up to yuri material recommendations, aside the ones he already gave me. Have I touched any of them? No!

This is my eternal struggle…

I never miss a day playing games, but writing and all the important but fun things I need to do? Pass…

I need to defeat this eternal struggle.

I also have poem topics kicking in my mind, like poems about non-mainstream things like Gensokyo or social issues like cheating or rape. But the thoughts remain thoughts… I should really start to write them down.

Which is why I set up a cartolina in my room and called it an Inspiration Wall. Whatever comes to my mind, whatever the time of the day, save the time I’m here at the university, I’ll be able to write it down there. Why not in Kurocchi? There’s a more satisfying feeling of writing words with a pencil than typing them.

And finally, college life…

Three words:





I mean, look at me! I spend my three-hour break with Kurocchi. In most of the classes I’m in, I barely talk, an trait that’s so unlike me. In classes without group work, I don’t have any friends. Call me a sad sap, but I find this whole thing fine, albeit very boring. My block is a sad bunch of people, while everyone else in the NOHK have nice people in their blocks. Sure, blocks here in my university only last a sem, but a sem should be enough to establish good bonds with blockmates. But do I get to do that? No. Because my block is a freaking sad bunch! And they’re also the reason why I’m starting to hate Computer Science, to be honest. Of course, there are more reasons than that. Hell, I even had more fun with the block of BA Psychology majors in my Communication class. But now, I barely see any of them. And if anyone of you cares to asks, my lost-cause Onodera is a Psych major.

College life is supposed to be fun? Sure, if fun means being alone in my department’s library playing mobile games or writing things during breaks and not giving a single f**k during my classes, with the given of studying the lessons, at least.

As much as I think I have lots more to say, I gotta run.

If you’re still reading this, thanks for reading my rants, I guess. We all gotta let steam out every once in a while. XD XD XD

And some stuff to take care of before I go:

Next week, most likely I’ll dedicate my posts to card games, as I got my Nisekoi TD so late after its release in EN, PDf 2nd deck recipe, and hopefully, some news on Blackrock Mountain: A Hearthstone Adventure, be it new revealed cards or actual release date.

Thanks lots to you all. Creds to the pics’ owners! Wish I can state them all here. XD

Until next time, enjoy your stay. XD


You can count on me from now on! XD


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