Shell Shock: What the Hell Happened to Us (Well, at least me)?

Okay, around two months’ been in, and nothing is coming up.
Fortunately, you still remember us over here at the NOHK blog as I finally found a good use of my break time to be posting about a lot of things I haven’t for the past season of inactivity.
That is, if I’m not too busy playing a mobile game three of us here are currently addicted to. hahahaha

So, it’s been bugging me for the past month that I’ve been getting much lazier and duller. I thought getting Kurocchi over here would help in productivity in terms of a lot of things, not just blog-related. I was wrong. In fact, I think I need a higher form of inspiration other than getting material things. This was actually the same case with moving to a new house and getting my own room. I thought I would be productive because I have my own room, but no. It works little wonders, and I partly blame the fact that the Internet in our house doesn’t reach my room. TTwTT

Anyway, I was hyping over a lot of things, but the sheer laziness I kind of develop negated the hype getting translated into a blog post. I mean, look at Nisekoi! Well, at least for those updated with the manga. The sinking ship, so to say, is still in the battle. People also speculated that the series is ending, and I wanted to clear out that if it ended this month, the series will plummet into a complete disaster… I had a lot to say about those, but aww. No one is to blame but myself.

Have at least this on me.

Ship is not Kill

And what happened to my Passing it Off Series, which started nicely, but the hype died down early? Of course, as a blogger, I attempt to continue this with all quality.

You know what? I’m actually thinking of a new series while I was thinking about making this post, but I forgot about it. :(( I think, though, it has something to do with my breaks.

Well, my break’s coming to a close. But I assure you.

My parents did say to use my free time wisely instead of lazing around, so as of now, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll get something up. The only time I don’t is when I have tests to prepare for.

So until then, may the fun and the luck…

But mostly the copyright infringement.

Be with you!~ XD

Thanks to RHS as always! XD

You can count on me from now on! XD

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