Passing it Off Series: Love Live! Season 2

DISCLAIMER: Screw it if it’s late. That’s the whole reason for this blog post. XD

Hi guys. Remember me? hahahahahahah No seriously.

As always, I apologize for my utter laziness to post anything in this always-dying blog of ours. I don’t blame you if you’re not gonna sit through this anymore, but I assure you. You’ll be missing out on a lot if you do this time.

So, Happy New Year, guys. 20-so days in, I hope you guys have settled in and done loads of good things for a lot of people. XD

Maki New Year (LLS2Ep10)

That aside, I’d like to introduce my self-imposed series I’d like to call “Passing it Off”. As bad a title it sounds, it doesn’t mean what it does. Did you think I’ll be talking about an anime series that I passed off? No.

What I mean about this horrible title is that I’ve finally finished an anime series that I regret passing off. It’s like that feeling of, “Oh, damn! I wish I watched this earlier!!” Exactly how I felt with Puella Magi Madoka Magica and, to a certain extent, Kami Nomi.


Before anything else, here’s the format I’ll be using for the rest of the “Passing it Off” series:

-A bit of intro about the anime

-Why I passed it off

-The review itself



-Background Items (like OPs and EDs, or setting art)

-And finally, the rating. There should always be one.

All straight from my head typing on Internet-less Kurocchi. The Internet’s being hijacked here at home, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get to post this when I’m at my college building. Okay, tmi, let’s just go. XD

Love Live! Hmmm… I remember reviewing that in 88 words or so. That’s not enough, in my opinion, but I’ll not go there. The second season is worth more than that. Though, of course, both seasons won’t even be possible if no one thought about this in the first place. I mean, the first Love Live!: School Idol Project was just pure songs and PVs, if I remember correctly, that of which I won’t say much, because I arrived at the scene when the anime adaptation came out. It was pretty successful, so it garnered these two adaptations.


The first one was, of course, the set-up of the whole thing. Getting μ’s together starting with the passion of Honoka Kosaka to save the school from closing down. Training. Getting known even after an empty first live. Getting kouhai members. Getting senpai members. Some backstories here and there. Getting rid of the senpai-kouhai barrier (that’s the most memorable, imo), and finally, the taste of achieving their goals plus a new bond among the members. Though sadly, they don’t achieve all of it because a certain someone became ranking-conscious and started to plunge herself to her eventual downfall and the group’s withdrawal from their other goal. To restate, their main goal was, “Save the school.” Then there came a subgoal, which was “Win Love Live! (because Love Live is actually a contest for school idol groups)”. A certain someone took the subgoal too seriously and cost μ’s the slot in Love Live! Dumbest way to go down. Ever. Well, a scandal is much worse, but the fanservice here is not that showy unlike in ecchi anime series.

Where's the Sniper edit? I laughed hard when I saw it. ahhahaha

Season two, well…? After the whole set-up, it’s now a matter of balance among the members, with almost each of them having their personal troubles. And, of course, there was the matter of handling the inevitable events in life, that of which I will expound more after I answer,

What the hell took you so long to watch LLS2?

It’s always that common excuse of “I didn’t have time to watch it because of college life!” But it’s more than that. I’m a freshman, y’know? I was adjusting a lot, and well, I planned to post a lot more Nisekoi because I have found my Onodera. Except that she’s not my childhood friend and, uhh… Let’s just say she has her own Raku.  And before you ask, yeah, they’re a thing. Way before I appeared and fell hard on the ground for her. TT_TT (Man, how many chapters of Nisekoi did I miss already…? /triestoavoidtopic) And, yeah. I was gonna post a lot more stuff, but I had too much on my plate that I threw it all up. That feeling of wanting to do everything that, in the end, you do nothing. Hearthstone’s first expansion went up a month ago, and I was to review all the cards… Okay, thoughts leaking…

Don't. Even. Ask. HAHAHAHAHA

Simply put, I became lazy, I had too much on my mind, and I couldn’t play .mkv files on my mom’s laptop. Good thing I have Kurocchi now. That shouldn’t be a problem in the future anymore. Hahahahahahahaha

Moving on (before any of you start asking out-of-topic things), here we are, staring at the face of what has been!

Love Live! Season 2! (because LLS2 isn’t like K-ON!! where the exclamation points denote season)

Ship Required. XD

(#1 Yet Another Love Live!) The pilot episode! It’s one of, if not, the most important part of the series, and here we are. I have countlessly seen the first 10 to 20 seconds of this while I was trying to convert .mkv files to .mp4, but the subtitles get removed in the process. The first part emphasizes the success over the first season’s problem. Otonokizaka won’t shut down! Yay!

And now, a word from the Student Council President. Hmm… A word from Ericchi, but no. Why was I surprised to see her standing up and clapping instead of going in front of the stage to deliver the word? Because I did not freaking expect the next part!

If I could make a GIF of this, I would.

Twirl twirl, epic mic throw, and bam. New President. It’s freaking Honoka, upon a lot of recommendations wow… The opening musical number wow. And why I am surprised to see Umi and Kotori by her side? They’re all in the student council. Wow this plot.

Well, from the start of it, it’s just your usual thing. Honoka gets scolded by Umi. Kotori tries to lighten the situation but fails to do so. The past president and VP show up to also lighten the mood. Then shift to more active happenings… Nico wanting to upload practice online, but Hanayo gets a text or an update of some sorts. And this is Hanayo’s kind of form of moe. I only noticed it now. When something huge, like an important event is about to happen, she tends to overreact. And that overreaction is that moe, I think. And honestly, I’m not surprised anymore that there’s gonna be another Love Live!

Surprised Hanayo hmmm

Well, after the success of the first one, a second one is bound to come out. What I like about the sequel to the contest is that there are no more freaking rankings! No more grinding to get Top 10 or 20. No more of that which killed Honoka last season. I still hate Honoka for doing that. And to rush a bit, sure, it’s open to everyone, but we didn’t even see any competitors in the whole series except A-RISE, who won the first LL! It’s like there are only two groups in Love Live! Well, yeah, sure, production cost ain’t gonna do good to even show those, so yeah. Want a true story of competition? Watch some other anime titles. So, in short, I’m not too annoyed about it.

Oh, yeah. This is just the Regional Qualifiers where the Top 4 of each region (for plot’s sake and freaking production’s sake Tokyo region) will duke it out against each other as only one group will emerge to Love Live!

And while we’re so excited about it, our freaking leader isn’t? Why the Hell!? I immediately deduced that she doesn’t want to enter because she became the freaking President of the student council! More work! But there was something more to that.

Too chill...

Meanwhile, as Honoka invites everyone for a “change of pace”, everyone is figuring things out. What the Hell is with Honoka?? And that’s where imouto power kicks in. Kanon-chan Yukiho goes in and tells her onee-chan that Love Live! is still at March next year. Under context, that’s nine months from then. If things go well, Arisa and her would go to Otonokizaka, something Honoka always wanted from Yukiho. See? Power of imouto, but that’s not enough.

Here she is! XD

Nico’s pushy tactic also worked in its way. After the affair, Honoka was told that it’d be the third-year girls’ last time to perform as a school idol with them, well, because they’re graduating, and that’s the inevitable event I was talking about. So, it took just that and Yukiho’s words to actually convince Honoka. And lo, behold this scene.

Better in a GIF as well. Ugh.

I wanna seriously do that some time. And the goal for this series? Something high. And that’s the #1 spot in Love Live! Okay, the end. Load the ending song which will become the opening next episode!

The OP

I like this song. If I don’t like a song from a project that’s supposed to be dedicated to the songs, well, it’s the creators’ fault. Wow. ahahahaha But seriously, the song’s nice. Though, I have to say, I pay little attention to the details when I first see ending credits because I’ll be busy ready the lyrics (and eventually sing along the opening every time. XD).

And here marks the mini-conflicts present almost every episode in this second season. Almost everyone has a problem in each episode, be it just one character or the group itself, but all these get solved within the episode, making them but mini-conflicts. This one’s conflict was obviously Honoka’s. It wasn’t just simply running away from more responsibilities. I have to thank Umi for seeing right through Honoka on this one. Completely seeing through her. Honoka wasn’t trying to run away. She was simply avoiding being a let-down to those who’ve entrusted to her the care of Otonokizaka High School’s Student Council, along with her other responsibilities in life like the family shop. Yeah, nobody wants to be a letdown, especially when you’ve been put in a high spot. I’m pretty sure we’ve had some feeling of this in our lives when we get delegated to do tasks. The simplest one would be being assigned to do something for a group work. Unless your group is filled with a lot of people you truly despise, you never want to make your groupmates distrust you. Whatever a responsibility is given to you, you must fulfill it the way it has been passed onto you. It’s usually that way, but sometimes, circumstances allow changes in that. And certainly, Honoka is aware of the weight of responsibilities passed on to her in the student council.

Best friends really know you a lot. Believe it.

Anyway, before I ram you guys into a wall of more text, I’ll be cutting this series in parts so I get to post something everyday, so look out for the next part, stay tuned, and I’ll talk to you guys later! Thanks lots! XD


4 thoughts on “Passing it Off Series: Love Live! Season 2

  1. “Honoka is aware of the weight of responsibilities passed on to her in the student council.”

    ^_o Honaka ether knows nothing about the statistics of students signing up for the school or last season never happened.

    • Interesting. Interesting! This, I admit, I overlooked. This /is/ just for the first ep, though. I am relooking the episodes as I’m writing this.
      Though, I have to say, regardless of the number of students, being the President is still a hard job to do.
      Then again, if last season didn’t happen, u’s never happened either.
      And now that I’m looking at my copy of Episode 7, I don’t see that dialog anywhere. Hmmmmmm….
      Either way, thanks for this! Appreciate it lots! XD XD XD

      • I watched the crunchyroll sub.
        ^-o 19 minutes in.

        “Otonokizaka high escaped closure for this year.
        The reality is there are fewer students now than there were last year.”

        This is why they had to tighten the funding for each club .

  2. Actually, Honoka is comparing the number of students from last year, when she was just in first year (which was never shown in the anime because she was already second year then) to this school year, when she was just a second year (hence the reason for closure, which was saved because of her as well). She became the President during the second semester of her second year, as far as I can infer. So, S1 really /did/ happen regardless.
    XD XD (Why did I realize it just now lol)

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