Beware of the Gaze

Gazer336: Hi guys! I’m the newest member of the NOHK blog and I’m proud to say that this will be my first time writing in a blog as a way to share and express my feelings to all otakus out there. I was invited by my fellow NOHK member to write in this blog. I want to express my interests with other fellow otakus so I took up the courage to become a blogger.

I started anime watching when I was 5 thanks to my cousins, but truth be told, I started being an otaku only 1-2 years ago. I got reeled in by my otaku classmates to take up anime watching again since the only thing I do is read mangas. This lead to me opening up the wonderful world of anime where you can feel happy, sad, inspired, and etc .

That would be all for my introduction. Please look forward to the posts that can start up the otaku soul in you. And remember, my gaze catches all… 🙂


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