2 to 7: An Excerpt of my Summer Activities (Anime)

Yaaaay! More blog post! See? I kept my promise! :3

Spoilers inbound?

This is a special I’d like to call: How I Describe a Series I Finished During the Summer in 85 words. Because 8/5.

I don’t remember the number of series I finished throughout my long summer, but it’d be probably less than 10 because I’m a sad sap. Too much gaming. :v

And I don’t remember the order so I’ll just run through what I remember. XD

Let’s not rank them as well.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica


It’s mahou shoujo reinvented. Sure, I’ll grant your wish. FOR YOUR SOUL! And we have a glimpse of a play on alternate dimensions thanks to Homura going her way to stop events she doesn’t want to happen from happening. But the weird thing is, as Homura “time travels” she’s connecting everything, making Madoka even more powerful than was expected. And ironically, they’re just saving the world from themselves. Unless they kill themselves before they become the enemy, which is sad. Still a solid story overall.



Now, this I marathoned for 8-9 hours straight. If a supposedly smart girl becomes curious about everything and drags me along to crazy puzzle-solving adventures like detectives do, I’d give up unless there was a reward. Can I deny that Houtarou fell for Eru, seeing the last episode? Plus him checking out Eru in her different attire during that crazy item-passing biz during the festival. And countless situations where they were awkwardly stuck in places together. Jealousy unfolds, mysteries are staged then solved. Well played.



First thing’s first. Did I finish this during my summer break? Well, this would be the first anime I finished that is apocalyptic in nature, that is, just in the Inner Capital or Tokyo. Haruto dying to the Zone, but I thought Coppelion were immune to radiation! Sacrifices for the greater good. Crazed ideals all solved by talking after fighting. Forgiveness and second chances are always an option, even in this state of life. Wanting to continue the manga series. In the manga, Haruto’s alive.

(At least, that’s what I see in the covers of Coppelion’s different volumes)

Love Live!: School Idol Project


I don’t know how, but I just got hooked into the series. I think it’s because of the game. Still haven’t watched S2, though. Story is nice. Want to save your school in tremendous and fabulous fashion? Become school idols! Apparently, it’s an “in” thing! After saving the school, let’s prove our worth in the LL competition! If only Honoka didn’t become rank-conscious, she would stayed as my top 1 favorite, but nyaa~ As ruo said, “Rin owns everyone.” That I couldn’t agree more, nyaa~

(For ranking purposes, I’ll segue.)

Rin is my favorite because she’s the energetic type that’s always fun to be with, not to mention her accent. haahahahahahah Similar to Honoka in terms of energy. But honestly, Honoka was my original favorite until Episode 12.

Hanayo’s the shy, cute-voiced type that loves to eat. Hell, I loooooove to eat as well! She takes #2 for those simple grounds. hahahahahaha

Kotori’s #3. She gives off a Tsumugi Kotobuki vibe (like she’s rich, and she kinda is), but yeah, IK that Maki’s richer than her. Her voice and Minalinsky caught my eye. She’s epic like that. XD

Nozomi’s my 4th fave. Another naughty type that’s fun to be with. Damn the language barrier. There’s just one Filipino word I can describe her and her “punishment” antics. Makulit. Aaaaand, I can’t translate that except if I use the word “naughty” which loses context. Plus her voice. Wow. I’m liking characters because of their cute voices. Although, sometimes, her voice isn’t fit for her build, I like it that way. XD

Nico nico nii~~~ Nico’s #5! Huh? Why ain’t she the top? Because Rin-nya~ Always trying to look cute that sometimes, you just have to give in, IMO. Plus her idol knowledge, like Hanayo is extensive. Salute? Aaaaaaand, IDK why the guys in the NOHK who’ve LL’d hate Nico. She’s loli cute. hahahahhahaha Hey, loli build so it counts. And 1.

Honoka’s waaaaaaay down here at #6, but as I said, the ranking is just too close to cut it. I still like her and her passive leader vibe. She reminds me of Yui and her persistence, but that’s also the main reason she’s dropped in my rankings. 😀

Umi’s at #7. Reminds me of Mio Akiyama. Cool vibe. But she doesn’t scare as much as Mio. Still, that vibe. I’m not feeling it. Sorry, I’m just not into it. She’s still a good team member to be with, seeing her responsibility factor.

Eli’s at #8. Was pseudo-antagonist the whole LL S1, and I still haven’t seen her good side. Too hesitant to do what she wants and tries to stick to the rulebook. At least she made the right choice joining Honoka and the gang. Good dancer and all. High standards and all. Maybe if I watch LL S2, my opinion of her miiight change a bit.

And Maki’s dead last. She’s tsundere, and IMO, tsundere doesn’t fit the equation among the 9 girls of μ’s. Sure she’s rich, so she may give off a vibe like Kotori as stated a while ago. But she’s kinda stubborn and doesn’t want her help mentioned or even want to be helped. She’s warmed up to everyone, though, and like Eli, I need to watch S2 to make my opinions final about the members.

And I think this is the last: (REALLY?? WAT)

Weiss Survive


If you think you’ll learn how to play Weiss Schwarz like how one can learn how to play Cardfight! Vanguard by just watching the anime, then I have some bad news for you. 2-minute shorts of fanservice. Fanservice everywhere! You learn NOTHING. Takeshi gets sucked into a random world just by picking his childhood friend’s WS cards up. He fights through realms of random people, including his childhood friend. Twice. An old man screwing things up, further highlighting Takeshi’s pervertedness. Still a good laugh, though.

And now that I think about it, that’s all I have that I finished!? WHAAAAT? Wow. So unproductive. Sad… TT_TT

So, at that, I’ll see ya’ See ya’!!!

Creds goes to the pics’ respective owners! 😀

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