The 4th Key Ship Sets Sail – Nisekoi Chapter 126: Declaration

WARNING: HERE WE FREAKING GO AGAIN WITH THE WARNING. I KNOW I HAVEN’T POSTED FOR AROUND A MONTH, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I SHOULDN’T WARN YOU ABOUT IT. SORRY AGAIN IF I FORGOT TO UPDATE… FFS, I even forgot to update To Love-ru Darkness reviews for around 5 times already. I may start on that one after Japanese classes tomorrow. Yeah, I have Japanese classes. I’m finding productivity amidst an epically extended summer vacation.

I even proposed that everyone in the blog into this anime would make reviews for this manga series depending on our ship…

For the record, I’m for Kosaki, Requiem’s for Chitoge, and ruo and Renegade are for Tsugumi. hahahahahhahaha

RECAP: The infiltration mission of the Black Tiger a.k.a Seishirou Tsugumi along with unlikely partner Raku Ichijou concludes with Tsugumi having to wear 3 very very sexy attire in order to get the disc from Boss Seccaccino but ends in failure every time. They get captured once Tsugumi reverts to butler form, and once captured, the boss ordered Tsugumi to strip in order to keep their heads. Raku prevents such and provokes the boss, but Paula just Stinger’d to the rescue and mission accomplished. Bolting out of the ship got a bit of a wardrobe malfunction for Tsugumi, though.

SUBPLOT STORY END. Now back to the main plot. Wait, there was a plot? ahahahaha

I continued Nisekoi for three reasons:

1. The main story and one-shot intrigues me.

2. The Onodera family.

3. I needed something to replace my weekly waits of TWGOK.

/fullhonesty /respect

Still, I like Nisekoi for the way it is. RomCom at is finest. It’s been a while since I’ve read another romcom. Plus, the fact that Red Hawk Scanlations is also translating this… Well, mere coincidence, but cool. XD


Onodera on the Offensive(?)

We get a start of this… Onodera on the offensive. OF COURSE SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT. IT’S A ROMCOM! At that, boom. Raku wakes up with Yui-nee cuddling him to a certain extent. Her bad habit of going inside Raku’s room and sleeping next to him is used as a running gag, and there.

Yui-nee's HabitOhoho~ Another round?

The lackeys arrive, and now, they’re having second thoughts on whether who will win this war of the hearts(?). Beehive or Char Siu? Then Raku remembers.

Weekly dates with Chitoge to put up the front continues, but this date is not like any other. Sure, they’re not being watched from a distance anymore, but now look who’s watching them? And not from a distance!

Yui Interrupts the Date

Also, Chitoge’s gone curious as to what the heck happens with the two of them every day in the Ichijou household, but the curiosity’s just to a general extent.

First Kiss...

Aaaaand, that spurt of Yui-nee during the 5-person talk on the roof left quite an impression on Chitoge. First kiss? Won’t matter as long as you’re the last, right? Wise words from me taken from some other people and maybe even some other anime. hahahaha

Apparently, Yui-nee has plans of her own and sends Raku off to some faraway coffee shop near the train station. Reference inbound. I think it’s been already used in the series. I just need to remember.

Girl talk time~ Not that I know too much of it. Though some define girl talk as spreading and confirming rumors, I define it as your basic personal talks between girls. Go correct me if I’m wrong. I’m a guy after all. XD

Yui-nee then takes this time to get to know the couple from the girl’s point of view, but unexpectedly confirms that the relationship fake. Wait. Do I need to re-read? Does Yui-nee not know about this false relationship? Oh, well. Seems she doesn’t.

Yui-nee then gets informed of the situation the fake lovers got themselves into thanks to their families. Aside that fact, Yui-nee also confirms that though the relationship is fake, Chitoge’s feelings are genuine. Why, some jolly good confirmations, man. But in translation, Yui-nee used the word “still”, obviously, Yui-nee meant that Chitoge may have retained her feelings of love for Raku for some 10 years now.

Chitoge Confirms. Wow.

So, Chitoge is in shock that the person she fell in love with during her childhood, that boy she wrote about in her diary from way back, is her fake boyfriend right now. She had thoughts far chapters back that Raku = her childhood crush, and now is that BAM! confirmation. How does that feel? Since Chitoge likes Raku now, add up the past love for him from 10 years ago, and calculate her love points. How much do you think is that?

Ahh… Too much Chitoge in this chapter… Why isn’t Requiem doing this? hahahahaha XD But don’t get me wrong. I like Chitoge as well. Though not as much as Kosaki. XD

Anyway, knowing this is half the reason of Yui-nee for the girl talk. She’s building up something from her short dialogue seen here. So… Yui-nee has someone she likes as well. First thing that came in my mind is “Why are you telling Chitoge this?” Could you be asking for advice on how to approach the guy or something? Could it be that the opinion of a person in a relationship is much greater than any other opinion? Plus the fact that they’re very close makes it even more reliable? Was it a love concern that Chitoge needs to know?

Screw every question from the last paragraph except the last one!!! Of course from the previous chapters, it has been revealed that Yui-nee loves Raku!!! And now, this situation is dictating “I want to fight Chitoge-chan fair and square, so I’m telling you now that you have another rival for the heart of my little Raku-chan~”

True, fighting from the shadows isn’t as fun as fighting directly. Assassin-type people may just be standing at the back of me right now countering this statement… :O

So, yes.



This was supposed to be a fine two-sided rivalry between Chitoge and Yui-nee, but in an unexpected (for me) twist of fate (though I’m pretty sure some people knew what was coming. I mean, come on, isn’t it unfair for someone to be left out in the spotlight? More on that later), Kosaki joins the mix but neither Chitoge nor Yui-nee know that.



Well, Chitoge and Kosaki may just as well live with these words…

Not gonna lose...

Oh, yeah, Yui-nee? Let’s see someone who isn’t gonna lose either!!!

Wait. Let’s save that for later. How does Chitoge fare about that declaration?


Shocking. Paralyzing. Love-threatening. Shining. I don’t know how Chitoge’s feeling when she asked herself “Why does she seem bright to me?” By bright, do you mean shining? As if Yui-nee’s protected by a divine shield that any first damage dealt to her would be cancelled? Vague ref. Props if you got it. But either way, I think Chitoge’s just plainly stunned. Versus Marika, she can step up because she’s the same age as her. Versus Yui-nee, oh, for Hell’s sake Yui-nee. Older. Chitoge may not be able to handle older people that well. Notice of personality on that one?

And now back to that someone who is never ready to throw in the towel in the face of rivals of love.


But, damn it, Ruri! Strike her down, will ya’!

NOPE! Steadfast!

Well, you can’t get up if someone doesn’t bring you down. And I can say that in the face of newer rivals, the usually passive Kosaki now decides to strive and not get beaten down by her competitors!!! Minor character development? Maybe. But I have yet to find someone who can go from passive to active. (Damn tryharding to ref the Heavy from them Meet the X series.)



Ruri is very proud of you. I know your mom is, too. Your imouto, even. So is everyone from #TeamOnodera.

And thus, the chapter ends, and the 4th ship with the key to Raku’s locket sets sail. Do I rate the chapter? Want a 9 to go with that one, sir? It was all good for me over here, especially since I’ve got almost nothing doing for my extended summer.

So, any thoughts? How will Marika respond to this? TO RECALL THE TOPIC I LEFT OFF…

Marika and Tsugumi are the only female characters left to know about the emergence of a new rival. I have great hopes that Tsugumi would be active-passive on this one. She cares for her Ojou that a rival has appeared out of the blue(?) but the concern is indirectly pointed at her. Remember, she’s confused about her feelings for Raku as of late. She has yet to confirm these feelings, and the more that i think about it, I wish she’d confirm it SOON!

On a side note, Paula McCoy approves of Tsugumi being Raku’s mistress while Raku has Chitoge as his main. Wow. Primary and secondary. You must be a soldier. Or a counter-terrorist.

For Marika… Eh… I’ll j’st say she ain’t gon’ take ‘t well. N’ h’rd feelin’s.

So, tomorrow… Another review~~~

So, I’ll see ya’ then!

Again, thanking RHS for another job well done!

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