The World God Only Knows: “I have seen the ending” (FLAG 268 [FINAL]: Door to Tomorrow)

Nah. No more warnings. I gave up on that biz. I am a bit late to blog this as well. And, it is the final chapter of my most favorite series of all time… Not gonna cry… Not… Gonna…



Uwaaaaaaaaa!!!~~~ ;A;

My favorite series!!!!!!!! Huuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~~~ :(((

Well, all great things have to end. IMO, if this series pushed forward for some yay time, it would lose it touch. Better off to end it now than see it crumble as it moves on.  SEQUEL PLEASE. That’s different from continuing the series. XD

Before anything else, I’d like to remind everyone of the original premise of TWGOK, and that was about a gal-gamer using his honed gal-gaming skills to capture the hearts of girls filled with runaway spirits lurking in the gaps of their hearts. And ultimately, it was a story of an introverted gamer’s character development from hating the real to accepting the real, and ultimately, a 3D girl.

Now, to the destiny! The ending! XD

But first, RECAP:

Keima’s woken up after the day of his return. Elsie’s last wish to Keima was to be a legit part of his family, now living as Eri Katsuragi, Keima’s legit imouto. Haqua and Nora decide to preserve the integrity of New Hell by being its defenders of sorts. And of course, the ever-so-eye-popping and ever-so-head-turning confession of our very own God of Conquest to a person technically extradited from his harem. The God has picked normality, and boom. Chihiro end, it seems.

BUT WAIT. Chance Time Start! Note that I’ll be going blow-by-blow by discussing page after page. It’s the least I can do for the ending of one of the best series of all time (other best series haven’t ended yet, so yeah. hahaha like I’ve read anyone of them. XD)!! (Creds to RHS for translating the series from the start!!! Thanks so much! XD)


Okay, so the Akanemaru is back in tip-top shape. Goddess power too stronk… hahaha. Thanks, Do-chan, for stating the obvious. XDTWGOK268_02_RHS

So, there was a shed near the Akanemaru? That’s something cool to note. And then, I thought I had nothing to say about this page. Proved myself wrong, didn’t I? XD


Keima’s comebacks at Nikaido-sensei… As classic as Chapter 1. And here is the page that leads to explanations, explanations…


So, what Dokurou is saying is that if Keima knew who she is from the start, it’s more likely everything she’s worked for will crumble apart? But remember, Keima knew nothing about New Hell biz until Elsie came along. IMO, it would’ve been easier if Dokurou was helping Keima up front with all the things he’s gone through. The Level 4 Runaway Spirits would’ve been caught with ease with her (though for the record, it was really her who caught Yui’s and Hinoki’s Level 4’s) in a sense that she’s in the front lines, not in the side lines, when she captures them. Keima would’ve been more willing to help if so… People who have a relation with Keima in the past have more importance in this gamer’s life in a sense. Look at Tenri, the person who Keima talks with more, family members and devils aside, and Keima isn’t even that social with the other heroines. Only when necessary… And, how did word spread that Keima confessed to Chihiro? Legit reasoning here is Dokurou spying on Keima during that moment. Dokurou the Wathcman isn’t as all-knowing as her creator… Same goes for the other heroines. More on that when we get there.



I expected this, because, come on! She was hurt from the previous events, not physically, but emotionally. It’s obvious that she’d reject this guy who brought her the pain!!


Rather, not a home run, but a strike out looking (just think of getting on base and love). Nice reply by Chihiro! And the chance just appeared. From this, my good friend Requiem still thinks the chance is there… But…



And here’s the galge element I missed so badly. XD Besides Dokurou’s epic remark, here’s where it’s at. It’s such a simple premise, but the main thing here is, “Why didn’t I think about that?” The simple way to end the harem thus releasing the girls he put in the harem was to choose a route. Choose an ending. He really is a God. XD Like I doubted him for a second! XD


Wait, damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!? That reasoning? Liking Chihiro because she’s like that? Because she’s like a bug in a game’s algorithms? Because if she had stats, everything would be allocated at random? Because she doesn’t go with his flow? This is the epitome of Keima’s character development if I had to put it this way!!! For someone who once thought “Reality is a crappy game.” and “3D girls are the worst!”, choosing the one closest to reality and normality just solidified how Keima accepts the real in its entirety and now fell in love with it in the character of Chihiro Kosaka…

Though, Dokurou is right. Chihiro rejected him because she’s still a bit confused. It’s not that she hates him… Damn. Chance lost. Chihiro is in the “considering” part…


See? The first time… The freaking first time Keima got serious with something in the real world. And wow! The seriousness just took formation here. Keima. Angry about Dokurou doubting a positive response from Chihiro… WOW! Over there, my friends! XD

Well, meanwhile, PFP stack spotted! I WANT ONE BADLY!!!! Keima, you’ll be serious with Chihiro, right? No more games for you? I don’t have a love life yet, so why don’t you give that to me? After all, you won’t have use for so many… Unless you want to make Chihiro play galges. I want one… TT_TT. No PSP… Since it was released… Ugh…


So, due to forum reading, I looked at this page in a new light. Damn.  Was Dokurou jealous about the whole affair? Jealous about Keima being too close with the heroines? In how many levels were they close? In closeness levels, only Tenri takes the cake… Wow… Still want a PFP… Or a PSP, the closest to a PFP (a PFP has a built-in keyboard).


Well, well, well. Nikaido-sensei won’t be pursuing any more teaching… Then, what will she do?? And, I felt it… When she turns around, she’ll become Dokurou again…?

I can feel it! It’s the page I thought that if I see it, I’ll die from a heart attack!!! It’s that…


Here it is!!!!!









It’s Dokurou  Nikaido-sensei, I REPEAT, NIKAIDO-SENSEI, saying “Onii-chan” to Keima!!!! It doesn’t fit her so well that it suits her greatly!!! Beauty in contrast!~ There. After 3 days of seeing that, I finally have a term for it.



A reaction from the hosts…

So, wait, they’re left in the limelight?? After all that, Tsukiyo feels as if a random event just appeared in front of her and 5 other girls and disappeared without knowing what the hell it was… Really now? Upon my first read, I thought they were ranting on Keima choosing Chihiro instead of someone from the harem, specifically one of them.

Well, that’s what Keima did best for the majority of the arc: leave everyone in his harem in the dark. Well, except Tenri, of course, for she was his main sidekick throughout the arc.


Oh, look. Shiori. But ain’t she drawn weirdly? Not to mention, the first pages had no background in them unless it was necessary… Adds to the speculation of it being rushed??

And now, looking at the page differently, it’s now much more legit to say that Shiori is writing on the incident… Her head’s filled with too many words like rant words against Keima, but more on speculations as to what really happened. And there we go, something I overlooked. Shiori then decides to investigate the matter. Obviously, you won’t be investigating rants on a person you love choosing someone else (unless you’re that desperate which I’m sure Shiori isn’t…). So much for my fanfic idea on that. hahaha

Oh, Kanon-chan. Forgot about her. Hold up, my idol, I’ll get to covering your story later.

Another meanwhile…



Yui and Ayumi… They’re in their classroom, and here is the legit talk about Keima choosing Chihiro. Again, how the hell did they know about it…? News spreads fast, eh?

Here, Yui is more surprised than ranting. Ayumi’s here, mai Ayumi-chan, ranting. Katsuragi was always like that, trying to hide everything from us. That was always his style… Well, as we Filipinos say, “Style mo bulok!!!” Your style is stale! But I really feel bad for Ayumi. First love ends by having a chance with him but in the end is “exchanged” for her best friend. While Yui is there, feeling satisfied with the events. She’s enjoying a harem. First time I’ve read that and seen that from any other harem!!! See? TWGOK is NOT your average harem.


It is true. Harems are rare, especially if you put it in a 3D setting. You don’t usually see lots of girls hanging out with a guy who is not gay, and they love the guy. My definition of harem, though, is more than 3 girls in love with the same guy, the girls and the guy know each other, and the girls do whatever it takes to win over another. In astoundingly rare cases, the harem has every girl equally loved by the guy, and they “share” him. Lewd? Tell that to Momo!

I’ll back away from this before I start sidetracking…


Karaoke? That’s to sing away the blues, eh? Nice idea, Yui! XD

As for Kanon-chan… Well… I don’t believe it, but she’s back in the idol industry…

Requiem and I had a talk about this. Shouldn’t her involvement in the harem be enough to hurt Kanon-chan’s career as an idol? Hasn’t Elsie dealt enough damage to Kanon-chan’s career when she posed as her? Weren’t the rumors enough to take Kanon-chan out of the spotlight? Since she’s there, still singing, apparently she survived the terrors brought in by the other people. Maybe Elsie answered all of those concerns during her time as Kanon-chan. Maybe Elsie manipulated the people’s memories so no one outside of the harem besides the non-humans knows about Kanon-chan’s involvement. Elsie can do that, y’know? XD


Well, look who decided to show up! It was a bit of a scare for the KeimaxChihiro shippers when Chihiro rejected him, but lookie here. She’s no longer “considering” Keima. She’s setting up a flag for a date~~ WOW. There we go. How sure am I? Ain’t it obvious? Why would she approach her if she didn’t have any interest in him? If she didn’t like him, she could’ve just ignored the confession. But no. Here she is. In her uniform… And a scarf…



Open end because Keima didn’t respond? No way. Obvious response here. He can decide to go classic tsundere on her. hahahahaha “So you did come to me after that…” or something like that. I don’t know tsundere lines besides stereotype, and the line I wrote isn’t even stereotype…

ANOTHER MEANWHILE… (Too many meanwhiles…)



Damn. So she knew who Chihiro was?? I don’t remember her seeing Chihiro during that arc… Maybe Keima talked about her some time?? I don’t know…



I read the raws. Rather, I got this specific page translated by Ren, my Japanese friend and former classmate, and got a headstart on what to expect for 268…

Requiem, too bad for you, boy… TT_TT

Think about it… It’s in the letter. That means, Tenri still helped Keima through the journey in the Heart of Jupiter arc even though she knew there was absolutely no way they would be an item. She sacrificed 10 years, knowing nothing would come from the little hope she clung onto. Well, she did get as far as first base with Keima. I hope that’s enough for her… Uhh, Diana can take it away from here. I’m not good at consoling heartbroken lolis…


There we go. A little hope. Diana’s right. Predestiny isn’t legit. We make our own paths! You tell her!! XD


Oh, yeah. I’m reminded. Haqua did say that if a goddess maxes out in love points, she’ll be released from her host. So, the line Diana mentioned isn’t only  metaphorical but also literal. She can’t leave Tenri until Tenri has found lasting happiness. Though as of now, it’s with her Keima-kun, time will pass and eventually, she’ll find an even greater happiness, one beyond magic and bubble wrap and magic wrapped in bubble wrap. And on this panel, Tenri did shed some tears… ;A; TT_TT


Tenri Ayukawa –[BAD END]–


Eri-chan cameo. With a familiar-looking broom…



There you have it. TWGOK has officially ended. Well, it already ended 5  days ago (raws were up Wednesday iirc), but yeah…

Applause for Wakaki-sensei. Being responsible for the greatest series I’ve ever gotten into, you deserve a medal and well-deserved rest. Easy on the sweets, though. I read he’s still recovering from some sickness which I’m sure he’ll get past. XD

Though the ending looked rushed and there were a lot of elements that were left out, TWGOK’s ending couldn’t have ended any other way. Sure, let’s go School Days here for those still in denial (tbh, I haven’t watched it yet; I just know it’s synopsis thanks to Renegade). But I say, if Keima chose someone else, I would be happier, but if he did, the essence of “real” won’t be established. Chihiro is the closest to normal. Closest to real… So, no matter if I’m shipping KeimaxAyumi, I’m satisfied with the ending, being a TWGOK devoted fan and all.

Don’t need to say this deserves a 10/10 despite controversies, but yeah, I did. XD


Well, I’ll see you around somewhere, maybe reviewing something else… Until then!

6 thoughts on “The World God Only Knows: “I have seen the ending” (FLAG 268 [FINAL]: Door to Tomorrow)

    • I’m well aware of that fact, and I hate it to this day, but I still consider Kami Nomi as my all time favorite because the premise is still far too unique for me. And that’s what love and passion brings to a person. Unconditional love towards you despite your multiple flaws. XD

  1. The World God Only Knows is one the, if not best romantic comedy to have come out. Though I have to disagree on the ending. I get it that Wakami had a skin disease and was worried he couldn’t finish it but I don’t think I should let it affect the review. If you ask me it felt kinda rushed. Now for all those Chihiro haters let me make this clear I don’t hate Chihiro. But I didn’t really felt she deserved to be picked yet. Yes she liked him before his conquest but she kinda lacked character development to be picked. But its understandable why he would pick Chihiro so I guess I can’t let it affect it too much. Overall I give this manga a solid 8/10 or an 8.5/10. Would have gone to a 9/10 if it had a more fulfilled ending rather than rushed. But hopefully Wakami will continue the series another time or make a sequel cause he latest manga projects haven’t been too well. TWGOK!!!

  2. Imma HARD KEIMAxCHIHIRO shipper and I know the ending just have to stop the way they did but I need some OVA or fan-made doujinshi or wattpad or fanfiction continuing what happen with Keima and Chihiro!!! ToT Imagination alone is NOT ENOUGH

  3. yo-yo what it do! I’m seven years late but this series is really good. I just finished it today. It was a master piece. Keima & Chihiro is the only correct ending for them but it was a bad ending for others. Especially Tenri, When i read those words about her and Keima on the letter. THAT HURTEDEDEDED. I never felt something burn that much by reading. But overall 9/10 for this manga series, because it ended sadly. But man just wow, i never felt so emotional by just reading this manga like, wow it moved me. Btw you should keep blogging, you’re hilarious.!

  4. TWGOK story imo is 9/10, because it’s always forgetting something, and story arcs are mostly rushed. But at the same tine, character developments and logics are good, it’s not typical a harem manga, so i saw TWGOK is a masterpiece and should be rated to 10/10.

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