The World God Only Knows: Fatigue!! (FLAG 265: World Fortune)

Do I need to remind you that spoilers will be inevitable because this is the penultimate (I hope not) chapter of TWGOK? No?


Oh, wait. I just did. hahaha


RECAP: The somewhat bridging previous chapter has Keima calling the goddess hosts up to connect the now correct timelines. Even though this there’s not much dialog in this chapter because its purpose is more like bridging chapters, we get good panels like the six goddess hosts in loli form, and not to mention the six hosts calling out to Keima with all their love for this previously introverted gamer. It was a success, and all seven of them respawn directly on top of the Akanemaru!

Wait… What the Hell? That’s just downright dangerous! Even though I know they respawned there because the timeline machine is in the Akanemaru, wouldn’t have it made sense that they respawned to where they were supposed to be before the timeline cut i.e in the car with Shoutarou, the “old” man, and Yanagi? To Hell with it! They’re already there. But now, I wonder what happened to them…

At that… What happened to Dokurou and Lune? Shouldn’t they have died from the epically powerful double-fist smash from a Mobile Colossus?

I had this on my mind the past few days before the release of Chapter 265 just 13 hours ago. I had the best hunch that both of them died from the smash. DISPROVED by this part! All except to where Lune is!!! She’s supposed to be impaled…

Impaled by the timeline machine that was oh so destroyed but repaired over the course of the previous chapters…

So, where is Lune??? She’s supposed to be dead for all I know! Impaled at the place aforementioned, but since that was repaired and cut from the present timeline, this is truly an enigma for me. If she’s still alive, would she be a main devil during the real final battle?

At first, I thought the final battle would be great, considering the Colossi are many and freakin’ strong, and the goddesses are just 6 (minus 2 for Vulcan’s nature and Diana holding Keima up). But, screw it. TWGOK isn’t about the action. It’s like the end of the Goddess arc all over again… Instead of some great battle between Rimyuel’s Squadron and Vintage members, it was only stated that the Vintage members were all captured and brought into custody. There weren’t even any deaths stated. During the Haqua vs Lune scramble, Lune withdrew even though she had the upper hand. And that upper hand had a poor Haqua defending all her life, and when she was put down on the ground, all she can do was prepare herself for multiple box cutter stabs. Only exception: Lune vs Dokurou.

Instead of any struggle against a Colossus, we see this

And of course, this

I know there are more than two Colossi wandering around in search for the goddesses, but it seems that only two were shown and completely pWnz0rrd by the goddesses… XD

Well, that was a short-lived fight…

That aside, the aspects beyond the fight are what should be the ones that are eye-catching.

First off is Dokurou still being alive… That’s a good sign, even though one of my many theories has been disproved.

Second off is the trio of Haqua, Nora, and Rimyuel heading to Satyr’s base of operations. In Chapter 257: Under Cover of the Night, an “ultimate weapon” of Satyr is revealed. It looked like this then. In the current chapter, it looks like it’s evolved to look something like a woman… See here.

Based on some theories I read in the Red Hawk Scans forum discussion page (I joined just recently… I wish I did so during the beginning of the series… If only… TT_TT), this woman figure could resemble the goddess Demeter. Remember that Maijima Private Academy’s emblem has Demeter in it… This may resemble a “fallen goddess” or something. Any thoughts?

Or this woman figure could be someone who knows all about the situation but is a basic bystander. She could be this person who just had her heart crushed because of all these events. Who do the theorists say she is?

Really now? But we'll never know. For the record, I didn't say the theory. XD

(Creds to the artist. Man, these guys are experts. XD)

Third off is Sharie’s reapparance! Rejoice for those who are into minor characters like that!! \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/ XD

Well, I’m not into that, but the fact that Sharie and Rimyuel have a connection means something… Well,  Rimyuel is sort of a princess in her own right. Royalty have connections everywhere~

To add, according to Rimyuel’s hellphone (see what I did there? XD), the Hellian text say Shalya. So, the minor character’s real nickname is Shalie, and the interchangability of r and I in the Japanese language caused such misnomer. Just like the lack of q in the Japanese language, wherein Hakua should be Haqua (and it already is). And now, seeing the TWGOK Soul Memories cards, even Nora shouldn’t even be called Nora but instead Nola. I don’t even… Slightly off-topic, so back to business…

And last on the agenda: Keima is still asleep… My best guess for the next part is that Keima will wake up all and well. After all, he went through lots of work for the past and present to be connected. Don’t you think he deserves a rest? Or he could’ve fatigued out because of all that work, emotional rollercoaster as well, if I may borrow the words of a fellow blogger. XD

There are two other theories I’d like to consider. One is the KamiNomi’s possible Bittersweet Endings part of this link from TVTropes. And the other is a forum post from Terrabyte20xx in the RHS forums (link above). According to him, Keima chose not to come back. So, right now, he’s in a state in between the timelines. In short, Limbo. His basis: Elsie. She hasn’t come back yet even if the timelines were connected, so Keima searched for her in that place of nowhere. If I were to edit this theory, Limbo could be a place where devils who died reside. Dokurou Skull, Elsie’s real parents, and probably Lune, giving a whole new twist to the end of the story. Possible BAD END with that. hahaha

Elsie by Wakaki-sensei~ She's bound to appear!!!

For the TVTropes one, I’m now considering it since Keima’s unconscious. We never know what’s going on in the mind of an unconscious person. We’ll never know. Maybe his next words after he wakes up are “Who are you…?” I’ve seen amnesia moments, some as cliche ever, but if he wakes up with his memory wiped whole, bam, a totally different story… Though, I will agree on the post that even though he’ll lose his memories, Keima will retain his character development up to this point.

So, to end, I’ll give this chapter an 8/10 due to the lack of action. XD

I really hope this doesn’t end next chapter. I’m clinging to the faith that there are at least 5 chapters remaining… Screw the 11-chapter-per-volume standard! It’s ending, so Wakaki-sensei should at least end it well over the course of more chapters! To note, 265 would be the 10th chapter for Volume 26…

I’ll be doing posts for every chapter hereunto. Stay tuned! XD Theories and such, feel free to comment.

Again, pics used are credited to their respective owners, links included. XD XD XD

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